Program Description

Local Initiative Program (LIP) is a state program that encourages the creation of affordable housing by providing technical assistance to communities and developers who are working together to create affordable rental opportunities for low- and moderate-income households.

Local Initiative Program Sample Deed Rider pdf format of    lipdeedrider.pdf

Accessory Apartment Application doc format of    accessoryapartmentapp.doc

Comprehensive Permit Application as a Word fillable form doc format of    comppermitappfillin.doc  New February 2010

Local Action Units Application doc format of    localactionunitapp.doc  (updated April 2011)

Handbook: Approach to Chapter 40B Design Reviews pdf format of    handbook-approachtoch40b-designreview.pdf  file size 15MB

2010 Minority Percentages by Metropolitan Statistical Area pdf format of    percentracialethicminority.pdf