2017 Modernizing Public Housing and Supporting Elders (ModPHASE) Program Awards

ModPHASE is a collaboration between the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. The program seeks to preserve and modernize public housing communities with high capital needs, and facilitate stronger relationships between local housing authorities and local elder service agencies. ModPHASE grants will fund physical improvements at public housing communities that modernize and preserve public housing for senior citizens and disabled residents. Local housing authorities will leverage these capital improvements, by advancing human service partnerships that deepening the capacity of local housing authorities to deliver elder services to residents. Through modernization improvements, and improved service delivery, ModPHASE supports the capacity for current and future public housing residents to age in their communities.

Grant funding will provide for the substantial rehabilitation of a total of 276 public housing units, in Chelsea, Gloucester, Ipswich, and Malden, and provide service-rich environments that allow public housing residents to age in their communities.

Chelsea Housing Authority - $3,573,391

The Chelsea Housing Authority will make major renovations at the 56-unit Union Park development, constructing new accessible units, renovating kitchens and bathrooms, replacing windows, doors, and heating systems, and upgrading plumbing. ModPHASE funds will leverage resources for seniors, including services from Mystic Valley Elder Services, Massachusetts General Hospital, MetroCare LLC, the Cambridge Health Alliance’s Elder Service Plan, and the Chelsea Council on Aging.

Gloucester Housing Authority - $6,298,162

The Gloucester Housing Authority will undertake a phased rehabilitation its McPherson Park development, upgrading community spaces, renovating kitchens and bathrooms, repairing roofing, and upgrading mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Ipswich Housing Authority - $1,221,220

The Ipswich Housing Authority will completely renovate 20 units at its Southern Manor development, rehabilitating units, replacing roofs, windows, and doors, and upgrading mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. ModPHASE funds will enhance the existing partnerships between the Housing Authority and local resources for seniors, including Senior Care, The Open Door, and the Ipswich Council on Aging.

Malden Housing Authority - $6,695,000

The Malden Housing Authority will rehabilitate 103 units at its Forestdale development, upgrading building envelopes, creating new accessible units and accessibility site improvements, and renovating kitchens and bathrooms. Mystic Valley Elder Services and the Cambridge Health Alliance’s Elder Service Plan will provide services to the community’s residents.