Program Description

The Economic Development Fund (EDF) finances projects and programs that create and/or retain jobs, improve the local and/or regional tax base, or otherwise enhance the quality of life in the community. EDF gives priority assistance for physical improvements in support of job creating/retention and downtown/commercial center revitalization. Historically, EDF has funded a range of economic and community development projects. Currently, program funding is more limited and the following categories of assistance will be considered.

Community Grants

Grants of $100,000 - $750,000 for downtown and commercial center revitalization

  • Rehabilitation of investor-owner residential buildings
  • Rehabilitation of mixed-use buildings

Infrastructure improvements (max. grant $500K) supporting investor-owner residential and mixed-use projects

Grants of $100,000 - $500,000 to assist eligible non-profit development organizations

  • Revolving loan funds and technical assistance programs serving small businesses and microenterprises

Grants up to $50,000 for planning community economic development projects

  • Planning and pre-development studies leading to an economic development project

Section 108 Loan Assistance

Loans of $500,000 - $5,000,000 to assist larger scale, key community economic development projects

  • Rehabilitation of investor-owner residential buildings
  • Rehabilitation of mixed-use buildings
  • Infrastructure improvements supporting investor-owner residential or mixed-use projects


Eligible Applicants

Municipalities with a population of under 50,000 that do not receive CDBG funds directly from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are eligible for CDBG funding. Communities may apply on behalf of a specific developer or eligible non-profit organization.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be reviewed for completeness, documentation of application/project thresholds, and responses to project-specific questions and comments (project conditions) included in DHCD's letter of invitation.
To be considered for funding, a proposed activity must meet all thresholds, and must address all project conditions to the satisfaction of DHCD.
In the event there are insufficient funds for all eligible applications, DHCD reserves the right to consider Economic Development Fund applications out of order of receipt based upon a review of the number of jobs to be created or retained, the impact of a project on the local tax base, such as increase in tax revenues, sudden job loss, levels of matching or leveraged funds, or other compelling circumstances.

How to Apply

EDF applicants will be evaluated according to a two-stage process. Online application through Mass CDBG/EDF web-based application. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year, based on funding availability. Contact program staff for assistance at 617-573-1400.

Program Forms

Appendix 2 Chapter 5 Monitoring Forms doc format of fms.doc
 Budget and Program Revision Forms doc format of bprforms.doc

Additional Program Information

EDF Application Guidance Information pdf format of edfappguidance.pdf

            Appendix A: Eligible CDBG Activities doc format of eligiblycdbgactivities.doc

            Appendix B: HUD Low and Moderate Income Data by City and Town pdf format of S:\111\Application Guidance\app-b.pdf

            Appendix C: HUD Survey Methodology pdf format of S:\111\Application Guidance\app-c.pdf

            Appendix D: Elderly Household Statistics by Community

            Appendix E: Low and Moderate Income Limits

           Appendix F: Management Organization/ Position Classification & Wage Schedule Guide

           Appendix G: Primary Federal Regulations

           Appendix H: Massachusetts Entitlement Communities (FY 2013)

           Appendix I:  Public Facilities Projects – Phases of Design

           Appendix J:  Baseline Information Form - Slums & Blight

           Appendix K: Property and Infrastructure Rating Sheet – Slums & Blight

           Appendix L: Green/Sustainable Space Building and Energy Star Guidance

           Appendix M: EDF Glossary of Terms pdf format of app-m.pdf

           Appendix N:  EDF Job Monitoring Packet pdf format of app-n.pdf


Eligible CDBG Activities doc format of eligiblycdbgactivities.doc
HUD CDBG National Objectives
HUD Income Limits
CDBG Affordable Rent Schedule

CDBG Grant Management System

Helpful Resources

State CDBG Guidebook
MA Small Business Development Center Network
USDA Rural Development


For additional information, please call the Division of Community Services at 617-573-1400