Certified CDCs docx format of S:\111\certified-cdcs.docx
(updated December 2014)

M.G.L. Chapter 40H creates a new definition for the term “Community Development Corporation” and establishes a certification program for CDCs.  The legislation directs DHCD to develop a process for certification and to annually report to the legislature a list of certified CDCs and a summary of programs, initiatives or partnerships operated by  EOHED that support CDCs.

Program Guidelines for Certification of Community Development Corporations

The Program Guidelines are designed to assist nonprofit organizations in preparing applications to the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for certification as a Community Development Corporations (CDCs) as defined in M.G.L. Chapter 40H.  DHCD’s Division of Community Services is responsible for administration of the CDC certification process, including review and approval of all CDC certification applications.  

CDC Certification Program Guidelines doc format of CDC Program Guidelines

DHCD Review Form

CDC Certification Review Form doc format of CDC Review Form


For additional information, please contact Carol Wolfe, Community Revitalization Coordinator, at (617) 573-1450 or Carol.Wolfe@state.ma.us .