Public Housing Notice 2005- 02
To:  All Local Housing Authorities
From:  Carole E. Collins, Director, Bureau of Housing Management
Subject:  Mold Issues
Date:  July 7, 2005
Recently, some local housing authorities (LHAs) have contacted DHCD for guidance on how to respond to incidences or reports of mold in buildings.  When possible mold is reported or observed LHAs should take action as follows:
Clean It Up.  The affected areas should immediately be cleaned.  Treat the situation as an emergency repair.  Successful outcomes for LHAs and tenants depend on quick responses to reports of mold.  Make sure that remedial work is well documented.  If the work is done by LHA staff, documentation should include completed work orders. If work is performed by outside contractors, contract documentation and LHA sign off of completed work will suffice.  Be sure that documentation is maintained showing that tenants receive written notification of necessary measures which are to be taken to abate or mitigate a condition.
Report It to DHCD.  Provide written notification of the situation to the LHAs housing management specialist.  Include in your notification:  the address of the affected unit, the extent of the condition, the measures taken and documented by the LHA to remediate the situation, and other relevant information that may be appropriate.  The housing management specialist will notify the LHA’s construction advisor and or project manager as necessary.
All LHAs should take steps to mitigate the occurrence of mold by regularly checking for moisture, leaks and mold when inspecting apartments and common areas.  Additional information can be found in the enclosed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publication, A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home. We encourage you to share this booklet with your maintenance staff and other staff as appropriate.