Public Housing Notice 2005-04
To:  All Executive Directors
From:  Wayde Porrovecchio, Finance Manager, Bureau of Housing Management
Subject:  Accounting Manual For State-Aided Housing Programs
Date:  July 15, 2005
Enclosed is the current Accounting Manual for State-Aided Housing Programs updated to comply with GAAP requirements.  Although most of you received an earlier version of this manual when you attended one of the training classes conducted during FY05, the Department has decided to issue a copy of the Accounting Manual to ensure all authorities, fee accountants, and auditors are working with the same version.  Please discard all old versions of the manual.
The dates on the page bottom, lower right, are reflective of the date that section was last updated.  Future changes and updates to this manual will be made as needed.
If you or your fee accountants need additional copies of this manual, please contact Sheila Kupchuanis at 617-573-1237.
Should you have any questions concerning the manual or notice any errors that require correction, please contact me at 617-573-1244.