Main Number:  617-973-8600
Fax Number: 617-973-8554

10 Park Plaza, Suite 3730
Boston, MA  02116

For more specialized and targeted support, please contact the Massachusetts Office of Business Development Regional Directors for the region in which you are interested.

Central pdf format of    Microsoft Word - Central.pdf  and
North Central pdf format of    Microsoft Word - North Central.pdf
Rosemary Scrivens, Regional DirectorPhone: 508-792-7506
Fax: 508-792-7532
Greater Boston pdf format of    Microsoft Word - Greater Boston.pdf
Massachusetts Office of Business Development Boston OfficePhone: 617-973-8600
Fax: 617-973-8554
Northeast pdf format of    Microsoft Word - Northeast.pdf
Peter Milano, Senior Regional DirectorPhone: 978-970-1193
Metro West pdf format of    Microsoft Word - Metro West.pdf
Rob Anderson, Regional DirectorPhone: 508-439-5685
Fax: 617-973-8554
Pioneer Valley pdf format of    Microsoft Word - Pioneer Valley.pdf  and
Berkshires pdf format of    berkshires
Mike Vedovelli, Senior Regional DirectorPhone: 413-733-5357
Fax: 413-755-1349
Southeast pdf format of    Microsoft Word - Southeast.pdf  and
Southcoast pdf format of    Microsoft Word - Cape & Islands.pdf

Buddy Rocha, Regional DirectorPhone: 508-730-1438
Fax: 508-730-2702