Policy on End of Calendar Year Unallocated EDIPC
Adopted and made effective on March 27, 2012 (as discussed at the February 15, 2012 EACC Policy meeting)

Companies unable to take their awarded EDIPC in the previous year, may apply to have some portion of the forgone EDIPC restored in the immediate following year. To apply for this allocation the company must do the following:

  • Send a letter to the EACC Board stating the project has not changed and explaining the reason(s) why they were unable to take their scheduled award
  • Ask the municipality for a letter to the EACC Board stating they are still in favor of the project
  • Company must submit new a new Certificate of Good Standing from the DOR
  • Company must resign and submit the Labor Affirmation
  • December 1 is the deadline in the year following the original allotment year

EDIP staff will make recommendations and present them at the regularly scheduled December EACC Board meeting.  Funding will come from unallocated current year EDIPC.