The purpose of the Office of Performance Management & Oversight is to measure the performance of all economic public and quasi-public entities engaged in economic development.  All agencies are required to submit an annual plan which includes goals and the performance measurements by which to evaluate progress.  The following agencies fall under the Office of Performance Management and Oversight and are actively engaged and committed to aligning their efforts with the Commonwealth’s economic development strategy.           


Office Of Performance Management and Oversight Agencies

Commonwealth CorporationStrengthen the skills of Massachusetts youth and adults by investing in innovative partnerships with industry, education and workforce organizations
Commonwealth Marketing Office Act as the central entity and coordinating organization for marketing initiatives on behalf of the Commonwealth in order to advance economic development
Mass. Business Development CenterAid in the expansion of small to medium size businesses throughout the commonwealth by offering funding solutions
Mass. Clean Energy CenterAccelerate economic growth and job creation in all areas of Massachusetts Clean Energy Sector by deploying strategic initiatives that create a clean energy ecosystem, encourage people to make better energy choices and reduce energy costs
Mass. Convention Center AuthorityGenerate significant regional economic activity by attracting conventions, tradeshows, and other events to Massachusetts’ world-class facilities while maximizing investment return
Mass. Cultural CouncilImprove the quality of life and economic vitality for all Massachusetts residents by promoting excellence and access to education and diversity in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences
MassDevelopmentPromote prosperity and eradicate blight by stimulating economic development and industrial growth, increasing employment and building communities
Mass. Export CenterContribute to the economic growth of the state by providing targeted, high impact services for export companies to achieve success in global markets and international trade
Mass. Growth Capital CorporationCreate and maintain jobs within low and moderate income areas by providing financing to small business, minority owned firms, growing industries and manufacturing companies
Mass. Life Sciences CenterPromote and accelerate economic value of the life sciences sector within Massachusetts by investing in research and economic development
Mass. Office of Business DevelopmentStrengthen the Massachusetts economy by providing a highly responsive, pro-business climate that stimulates job growth and builds on the core economic growth of every region
Mass. Office of International Trade & InvestmentExpand the Massachusetts economy by marketing the state’s business internationally through focused export promotion, attracting foreign companies to invest in the state and handling protocol as it relates to trade and investment
Mass. Port AuthorityPromote economic growth and opportunity through an integrated transportation network and to enhance quality of life by protecting the freedom to travel safely, securely, efficiently and cost-effectively
Mass. Office of Travel and TourismAttract leisure travelers to Massachusetts from domestic and international markets in order to generate state and local revenues and grow jobs in the tourism sector
Mass. Small Business Development CenterContribute to the entrepreneurial growth of small businesses throughout Massachusetts by providing high-quality, in-depth advising, training and capital access
Mass. Technology CollaborativePromote new economic opportunity and foster a favorable environment for the formation, retention and expansion of technology-related enterprises
Mass. Technology Transfer CenterSupport technology transfer activities from public and private research institutions to companies resulting increased competitiveness of existing companies and creation of more technology based companies
MassVenturesStimulate the innovation economy by providing access to capital and one-on-one mentoring services to high-growth potential technology companies

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