Program Description

The Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs (MCIA) is housed within the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). It is mandated to have seven members who are appointed by the governor. All of the members shall be of American Indian descent and shall represent the major tribes of American Indian population located within the Commonwealth. All members are appointed for three-year terms.

MCIA was created to investigate problems common to American Indians and persons of American Indian descent who are residents of the commonwealth. It shall assist tribal councils, Indian organizations and individuals in their relationship with agencies of state and local government, assist with social services, education, employment opportunities, health, housing problems, civil rights, legal aid, treaties, taking of a census of Indian residents, and any other rights or services concerning Indian residents of the Commonwealth.

MCIA, in accordance with the Massachusetts Unmarked Burial Law, investigates the discovery of unmarked native graves, and in consultation with the Massachusetts Historical Commission, determines the disposition of the remains.

MCIA may make recommendations to the director of DHCD concerning programs and policies that will best serve the interest of the American Indian residents of the commonwealth. It shall make an annual report of its activities to the director and shall file a copy thereof with the clerks of the senate and House of Representatives.

MCIA determines eligibility for students receiving Native American Tuition Waivers to Massachusetts State Educational Institutions.

For more information:

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