Public Housing Capital Improvement

The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) initiated a Formula Funding (FF) Program in June 2010 to ensure that capital funds awarded to state-aided public housing are distributed in an equitable, transparent and predictable manner. LHAs can count on receiving a multi-year award of FF in order to plan for and implement capital projects that combine local resources and expertise with DHCD's technical and project management assistance to meet their most urgent building preservation needs of state-aided public housing programs for low-income families, elderly and persons with disabilities.

Each LHA's is a proportional needs-based share of DHCD's capital funding as determined by the state-wide Capital Planning System (CPS) inventory of expired building and site components of state-aided public housing.

To spend FF, LHAs must have a DHCD-approved Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that prioritizes three years of capital projects.  Each LHA updates its CIP shortly after submitting its annual Operating Budget. By preparing the CIP and Operating budget in tandem, the LHA can comprehensively address the use of capital, operating and maintenance resources for its state-aided portfolio. 


For additional information, please contact David McClave at (617) 573-1165.