Program Description

The Peer-to-Peer Technical Assistance Program awards small grants to Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) non-entitlement communities to hire Peer Consultants for short-term problem solving or assistance with projects that support local community development and capacity building activities. 

Eligible Applicants

Municipality - CDBG non-entitlement communities – i.e., municipalities with a population of under 50,000 that do not receive CDBG funds directly from the federal Department of Housing and Community Development are eligible for Peer-to-Peer funding. 

Peer Consultant - Elected and appointed officials and municipal employees are eligible to serve as Peer Consultants. Peer Consultants may come from either CDBG non-entitlement or entitlement communities.

How to Apply

Applications for funding are accepted on a rolling basis.  Funding is limited so applications will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis. Individuals interested in serving as Peer Consultants must submit an application to DHCD. 

Grant Amount

Municipalities may apply to DHCD for $1,000 grants to pay for up to 30 hours ($900) of Peer Consultant assistance and up to $100 for reimbursement of their travel, photocopying and the cost of incidental materials.  The Program is funded with Massachusetts CDBG technical assistance funds. 

Eligible Activities

The Peer-to-Peer Program can assist municipalities with a wide range of CDBG-eligible community development activities, including:   

  • Developing guidelines for housing rehabilitation program
  • Establishing guidelines and site plan approval for ZBA
  • Creating Housing Production Plan
  • Developing an inclusionary zoning by-law
  • Determining potential uses for municipally-owned land
  • Preparing GIS mapping for storm water drainage system
  • Developing long-term Capital Improvement Program
  • Assisting downtown revitalization efforts
  • Preparing economic development plan

Contact (617) 573-1400.