Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 6, Section 108, establishes the Manufactured Homes Commission. It is the mission of the Manufactured Homes Commission to provide prompt, impartial service to all parties affected by or concerned with matters pertaining to manufactured housing communities, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

General Information

Massachusetts General Laws, 6,§108

940 CMR 10.00 - Manufactured Housing Community Regulations

The Attorney General's Guide to Manufactured Housing Community Law

Manufactured Homes Commission Meeting Information

The Manufactured Homes Commission meets four times each year at various locations throughout the Commonwealth in order to address problems and concerns of both community owners and residents. The meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Minutes

Northampton: July 2016  docx format of Northampton: July 2016
Chicopee: April 2016  docx format of Chicopee: April 2016
Taunton: January 2016  docx format of Taunton: January 2016
Peabody: October 2015  doc format of Peabody: October 2015
Taunton: July 2015  docx format of Taunton: July 2015
Chicopee: April 2015 pdf format of chicopee4212015.pdf
Taunton: January 2015  docx format of Taunton: January 2015
Peabody: October 2014 pdf format of peabody10212014.pdf
Pittsfield: July 2014 pdf format of pittsfield7152014.pdf
Chicopee: April 2014 docx format of minutes4-15-14.docx
Taunton: January 2014 pdf format of minutes-01-2014.pdf
Peabody: October 2013 docx format of minutes10-13.docx

It is the mission of the Manufactured Homes Commission (Commission) to provide prompt, impartial service to all parties affected by or concerned with matters pertaining to manufactured housing communities, to the maximum extent permitted by law. In the implementation of its Mission, the Commission:

1. Shall identify issues pertaining to manufactured housing communities, the owners of such communities, and the owners of manufactured homes and make recommendations to deal with these issues;

2. May receive complaints from owners of manufactured housing communities and manufactured homes owners, and if appropriate, make recommendations for resolution;

3. May develop, with the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), proposals for specific zoning standards to be applicable to new manufactured housing communities in order to ensure that all such new communities are well designed, attractive, and suited to the needs of manufactured home owners;

4. May formulate, with the DHCD, proposals for local taxation of manufactured homes and home sites so that municipal tax revenues meet the cost of hosting a manufactured housing community; and

5. Shall file an annual report with the Governor, the General Court, the Attorney General, and the DHCD, about the Commission's activities and recommendations, if any, with drafts of legislation required to effect such recommendations.

Commission By-Laws

Manufactured Homes Commission By Laws docx format of bylaws.docx
- approved March 10, 2014

Commission Membership

The Commission is comprised of five (5) members who are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Council. The Commission must include at least one resident of a manufactured housing community and one community owner. Not more than three (3) members shall be of the same political party. The Commission presently consists of five (5) members: two park residents, two park owners, and one state representative. Representatives of the Attorney General's Office and the DHCD are ex-officio members.

Commission Members

Sandy Overlock,Chair
Nancy Fallon, Vice Chair
Jeffery Hallahan, Commissioner
Carl Zack, Commissioner
Sherri Sore, Secretary

Ex-Officio Members
Daniel Less, Esq. The Attorney General Office
Michael Benezra, Legislative Director Department of Housing & Community Development

Manufactured Home Communities in Massachusetts

Commission Annual Reports

Annual Report 2008 doc format of annreport08.doc
Annual Report 2007 doc format of annreport07.doc
Annual Report 2006 doc format of annreport06.doc
Annual Report 2005 doc format of annreport05.doc

Other Resources

Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. (MMHA) is a statewide organization formed by community owner/operators, which addresses owner/operators' concerns about issues affecting manufactured housing communities.

            Mary McBrady, Executive Director
            P.O. Box 73
            Halifax, MA 02338

Manufactured Home Federation of Massachusetts, Inc.(MHM) is a statewide association of manufactured housing residents, which addresses residents' concerns about issues affecting manufactured housing communities.

            Sandy Overlook, MHM Secretary (413) 663-3305
            Mike Bingle, MHM Treasurer (413)589-9825

DHCD Contact Information

Please send all questions, comments, and submissions, including notices, affidavits of compliance, and rules proposals, to:

            Christopher Jee, Esq.
            Office of the Chief Counsel
            Department of Housing and Community Development
            100 Cambridge Street, Suite 300
            Boston, MA 02114