Standard Application for Public Housing

Universal STANDARD Application for State-Aided Public Housing, MRVP and AHVP doc format of    standapp.doc   (Word)

Universal STANDARD Application for State-Aided Public Housing, MRVP and AHVP pdf format of    standapp.pdf  (Adobe)

Request for Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications rtf format of    requestaccom.rtf

Notice to All Applicants and Residents Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications rtf format of    requestaccomnotice.rtf

Verification of Handicapped Status for State-Aided Elderly/Handicapped Housing doc format of    physicianverify.doc  (revised)

Verification of Disability Form for Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications doc format of    verificationofdisability.doc

Emergency Application for Public Housing

Universal EMERGENCY Application for State-Aided Public Housing pdf format of    emergapp.pdf

Emergency Application Instructions rtf format of    emergappinstruct.rtf

Checklist of Required Verification Document for Priority Status rtf format of    prioritychecklist.rtf

Physician Verification of Severe Medical Emergency doc format of    physicverificationsevere.doc
(only applies if requesting priority due to Severe Medical Emergency)

DHCD Model Emergency Case Plan rtf format of    modelcaseplan.rtf


Income Limits

State Public Housing & State Alternative Housing Voucher Program Income Limits pdf format of    Net Income Limits by Household Size

Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program Eligibility/Income Limits pdf format of    incomemrvp.pdf


Additional Documents

Applicant's Declaration of Residency and Authorization to Release Information rtf format of    residencydeclaration.rtf

Housing Search Form rtf format of    housingsearchform.rtf

DHCD Form Lease for Public Housing rtf format of    formleasepublichousing.rtf

Fair Information Act - Statement of Rights rtf format of    fairinfo.rtf


General Information

Types of Housing at each Local Housing Authority rtf format of    typesofhousing.rtf

Definition of Programs, Eligibility and Qualifications Requirement, Priorities and Preferences; Income Limits rtf format of    definitions.rtf

Local Housing Authority Addresses and Telephone Numbers


For additional information, please contact DHCD at 617-573-1150.