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Trade data and metrics listed below were last updated on May 5, 2017

Massachusetts Exports

Massachusetts-based firms exported over $25.8 billion in goods and services in 2016. The Commonwealth’s top export commodities were miscellaneous optic, photo, and medical instruments, electric machinery, and industrial machinery (including computers). Canada, Mexico, China, Switzerland and Germany were the state’s top 5 export partners respectively.

Top Commodities Exported

RankDescriptionANNUAL 2014ANNUAL 2015ANNUAL 2016%2014- 2015%2015- 2016
 TOTAL ALL COMMODITIES27,385,384,98725,282,255,19425,810,353,669-7.682.09
1Medical, Surgical, Dental Or Vet Inst, No Elec, Pt2,632,733,6222,591,788,1752,618,886,044-1.561.05
2Waste & Scrap Of Prec Metal Or Other Cont Prec Mtl368,159,049940,400,8721,719,471,571155.4382.84
3Electronic Integrated Circuits & Microassembl, Pts1,554,134,1201,464,829,0961,348,662,367-5.75-7.93
4Mach/Apps For Manufct Of Semicndct Boules,Etc,Part1,084,298,4171,353,348,4431,312,137,76724.81-3.05
5Inst Etc For Physical Etc Anal Etc; Microtome; Pts877,471,467889,018,229885,950,1311.32-0.35
6Automatic Data Process Machines; Magn Reader Etc849,765,945620,160,732662,774,978-27.026.87
7Human Blood; Animal Blood; Antisera, Vaccines Etc453,529,014608,920,650652,455,73434.267.15
8Centrifuges; Filter Etc Mach For Liq Or Gases; Pts561,734,789571,311,745646,587,5741.713.18
9Medicaments Nesoi Of Mixtures, Not Dosage Etc Form475,770,707541,877,598627,406,66313.8915.78
10Gold (Incl Plat Plated), Unwr, Semimfr Or Powder1,955,986,683189,609,665598,978,530-90.31215.9



Top Export Partners (US Dollars)

RankDescriptionANNUAL 2014ANNUAL 2015ANNUAL 2016%2014- 2015%2015- 2016
 TOTAL ALL PARTNER COUNTRIES27,385,384,98725,282,255,19425,810,353,669-7.682.09
6United Kingdom2,348,911,9231,178,848,0371,584,849,846-49.8134.44
9Korea, Republic Of987,408,4381,005,271,229978,761,3881.81-2.64


Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

The Brookings Institution has produced a report on “FDI in Metro Areas” in 2014. The Massachusetts fact sheet indicates that foreign owned establishments employed 189,770 Massachusetts residents, 11th nationally, and the top FDI source countries were the Netherlands, England, and France (2011).

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) lists national foreign direct investment data.

The University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute’s Economic and Public Policy Research unit provides state-wide data on gross domestic product, exports, and employment.

International Student Data

Massachusetts’ colleges and universities currently host international students from across the World. MOITI works to engage these groups to promote the strengths of doing business in Massachusetts and to encourage students to stay and contribute to the local economy after graduation.

The Institute of International Education (IIE) estimates that there are approximately 59, 436 international students in Massachusetts in 2016. Massachusetts ranks 4th nationally in the number of international students enrolled in colleges and universities. For additional information, view the

IIE Massachusetts fact sheet pdf format of massachusettsopendoors2016.pdf


Travel, Tourism, and International Airline Passengers

MOITI works alongside the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT) to promote Massachusetts for both leisure and business travelers together as a member of the Massachusetts Marketing Partnership. MOTT provides comprehensive data on the travel industry and economic impact of tourism in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) manages the Commonwealth’s airport and port facilities and provides statistics on airport operations and port activities.