We have learned that we make the most progress on economic development and job creation issues when business, government and the academic community work on these issues together. Along with the private and public sector, have created an economic development strategy that develops a common agenda for continued progress and involves participation by business, government and the academy both in its creation and in its successful implementation.

 Direct Route Development
MOITI's efforts towards Direct Route Development, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Marketing Partnership and MassPort, is working to increase the number of direct flights between Massachusetts and other global centers of activity for our key industry clusters. 


 Massachusetts Global Student and Alumni Network
The Massachusetts Global Student and Alumni Network promotes international business connections between Massachusetts alumni, businesses, and state and local economic development professionals in order to strengthen these alumni’s ties to Massachusetts while advancing the international interests of Massachusetts colleges, universities, businesses and economic development communities.  

Massachusetts is a global leader in higher education, with a world class network of public and private colleges.  Home to the University of Massachusetts, nine state colleges, 15 community colleges, and over 80 private accredited colleges and universities, the Commonwealth has the fourth largest population of foreign students attending local colleges and universities in the U.S., with a total of 38,698 students in 2011.  These students, their families, and the hundreds of thousands of alumni of these schools that either hail from or are based abroad—or that work for multi-national firms in the U.S.—represent a tremendous  global economic development network.  

The Massachusetts Global Alumni network works to foster new connections between Massachusetts companies, customers, and partners worldwide by leveraging Massachusetts’ network of premier colleges, universities, and their internationally based alumni, to create new international business and educational relationships with Massachusetts.

Through sustained engagement with Massachusetts alum living abroad, the network seeks to boost export opportunities for Massachusetts businesses and increase global awareness among foreign investors of Massachusetts’ strengths and advantages as a business investment destination.  Over time, this will translate into increased employment and economic opportunities for the Commonwealth.

International Alumni Events:
The Global Alumni Network, in partnership with Massachusetts colleges and universities and international Alumni groups, hosts international alumni events that directly advance the Commonwealth’s international economic and business strategies by initiating and/or strengthening connections with Massachusetts alumni worldwide.