The Office of Performance Management & Oversight (OPMO) oversees the effectiveness, accountability, and transparency of economic development efforts across the state.  The nineteen organizations under this office provide a wide range of services and programs that drive economic development.  Agencies work closely with the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development to create annual plans that align with the Commonwealth’s economic development strategy and progress is reported throughout the year.  

The Office of Performance Management and Oversight (OPMO) was created by Chapter 240 of the Acts of 2010 – An Act Relative to Economic Development Reorganization.




James Poplasky, Program Manager - James Poplasky works closely on the performance management initiatives of the Office of Performance Management and Oversight.  As a former private equity analyst with the State Street Corporation and from his extensive work in non-profit management, he brings fresh perspective and insight to deliver effective management and reporting in a results driven environment.  He also serves as the liaison for the Office of Commonwealth Performance Accountability and Transparency – dedicated to making government more effective, accountable and open.