Massachusetts was allocated a total of $334,013,000 for Recovery Zone Facility Bonds (RZFBs). These are tax-exempt "exempt facility" bonds that can be used to finance private capital projects including many that would not have been eligible for tax-exempt bond financing prior to ARRA. RZFBs may be issued for qualified businesses (any trade or business with the exception of residential rental and categorically excluded uses such as gambling facilities, massage parlors) in recovery zones for construction, renovation, reconstruction or acquisition of property after the designation of the recovery zone. The original use of the property has to commence with the taxpayer and substantially all of that use has to occur within the recovery zone.

RZFB Guidelines doc format of RZPF bonds - guidance FINAL2.doc

RZFB Preliminary Determination Application doc format of RZFB inital app FINAL3.doc

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(Economic Target Areas)

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(Economic Target Areas)