• Planning ahead for job and housing growth is critical to our prosperity and to our quality of life.  Since 2007, the Patrick-Murray Administration has been deliberately and consistently planning ahead for job and housing growth across the Commonwealth in partnership with local communities. 

    At its core, the Planning Ahead for Growth strategy consists of four critical elements:

    • Identify promising places for growth that not only have community support, but are also consistent with regional considerations and with the Commonwealth’s Sustainable Development Principles
    • Create prompt and predictable zoning and permitting in those places (both state and local)
    • Invest in public infrastructure needed to support that growth
    • Market those places to businesses and developers interested in locating and growing in the Commonwealth.

    To read more about "Planning Ahead for Growth" click here pdf format of    Planning Ahead for Growth document  !

    Planning Ahead for Growth Online Mapping Tool - View the Commonwealth's priority housing and economic development areas using an online interactive mapping tool. See how your policies, programs and projects align with housing and economic development efforts.