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    South Coast Rail Technical Assistance Awards

    In September 2013, The Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development announced the 6th annual South Coast Rail Technical Assistance Awards.

    The Commonwealth awards technical assistance (TA) to communities seeking to implement the South Coast Rail Economic Development and Land Use Corridor Plan. The Corridor Plan, released in the summer of 2009, calls for a smart growth future for the South Coast with more jobs, better housing, and preserved farms, fields and forests.  It specifically identifies priority areas for protection and development, known as Priority Protection Areas (PPAs) and Priority Development Areas (PDAs). 

    Technical Assistance awards typically range between $5,000 - $25,000 and most of the assistance is provided by the 3 Regional Planning Agencies in the region: Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SPREDD), Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC).