The Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies (MARPA) published a Best Practices Model to Streamlined Local Permitting. To create this guide, MARPA conducted a statewide municipal survey, hosted 14 permitting focus groups, conducted extensive research, and utilized the expertise of the Regional Planning Agencies throughout Massachusetts. The Best Practices are designed to make permitting more predictable, equitable, cost effective, and efficient while reinforcing local jurisdiction, encouraging community-supported projects, preserving local resources, and maintaining the standard of review.

A free Municipal Permit Tracking Software is available to all cities and towns via the MPRO website. The Municipal Permit Tracking System (MPTS) provides an affordable alternative for cities and towns to comply with best practices as outlined by the Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies (MAPRA) in the Best Practices Model for Streamlined Local Permitting


For more information, please contact your local Regional Planning Agency as listed on Page ii of the Guide, or contact Cynthia Wall of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council at 617-451-2770 x2058 or by email at