There are many factors that companies consider when evaluating locations and sites for relocation or expansion. These factors include how well the site or building specifications meet the company's needs, but also include the availability of labor, operating costs, transportation access, and educational resources. The purpose of this guide is to provide economic development professionals and planning officials with a tool to evaluate the highest and best use of specific sites for office and industrial development.

The guide provides the following information:

  • An overview of the criteria used by site selectors when evaluating sites.
  • Insights into preferred characteristics of sites for headquarters, back offices, research & development, and manufacturing operations
  • A detailed outline for gathering site and building profile information
  • Tips on how to evaluate the potential of a site based on life stage of product/company and type of operation
  • Definitions of facility readiness or "development readiness" and associated timelines
  • A template for designing an effective and professional site evaluation guide

The Site Evaluation Guide was prepared in 2008 by a national site selector as part of the Chapter 43D program.

Site Evaluation Guide pdf format of MSB-SiteEvaluationGuide-October2008.pdf
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