The Massachusetts Permitting Collaborative advises proponents of new development projects on how best to navigate the permitting and regulatory process in Massachusetts. The Permitting Collaborative will bring together state agencies and project proponents for a pre-application conference regarding the permitting needs of individual projects throughout the Commonwealth. This effort will enable these projects to move more quickly through the review process and toward job creation.


While working with the Collaborative will not bypass the state's permitting and regulatory review procedures, an early discussion with key state agencies will allow project proponents to consider agency guidelines, criteria and recommendations prior to filing an application. This early level of collaboration has been regarded as one of the most effective ways of ensuring that project proponents and agencies have an opportunity to jointly address potential issues early, avoid delays, and move more quickly towards development and job creation.


The Collaborative is chaired by the State Permit Ombudsman and participating agencies include:

  • Massachusetts Permit Regulatory Office
  • Department of Environmental Protection
  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation
  • Department of Housing & Community Development
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Division of Capital Asset Management
  • Division of Fish & Game
  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
  • Massachusetts Environmental Protection Act (MEPA)


Eligible projects are those that require permits from two or more state agencies and have not yet started the permitting process.


If you have a project that you feel would benefit from a meeting with the Massachusetts Permitting Collaborative, please complete the Massachusetts Permitting Collaborative Project Template doc format of Project Form 9-8-09.doc
and return it to All submissions must be accompanies by an electronic orthophoto site map in appropriate scale to demonstrate site location in the context of the surrounding area and/or relevant site features. This map should include site boundaries in relation to existing parcel boundaries, streets, parking lots, rail rights-of-way, major utilities, existing structures, environmental resources, steep slopes, protected open spaces and other significant features. The Massachusetts Permit Regulatory Office will respond to submissions within seven days.


If project proponents are seeking assistance on permits for which applications have already been filed, proponents should contact the Massachusetts Permit Regulatory Office at 617-788-3610. More information about the services provided by the Massachusetts Permit Regulatory Office is available at

Permitting Collaborative Project Template doc format of Project Form 9-8-09.doc

Please contact Larry Field at 617-788-3616 or for more information.