Massachusetts defines the creative industries to include without limitation the many interlocking industry sectors that center on providing creative services such as advertising, architecture or creating and promoting intellectual property products such as arts, film, computer games, multimedia, or design. 

Marketing    Advertising and marketing agencies and professionals
ArchitectureArchitecture firms and architects
Visual Arts + CraftMuseums, galleries, curators, artists, artisans, and makers
Design  Product, interior, graphic, and fashion design firms and designers
Film + Media     Film, animation, TV, and radio businesses, organizations, and talent
Digital Games    Companies, programmers, and individuals producing games
Music + Entertainment  Venues, theatres, producers, and musicians and performers
Publishing     Print or electronic businesses and content creator, editors, and writers

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Creative Industries connecting the creative dots

A digital game designer in Cambridge is getting ready to launch a new addictive smartphone game, a furniture designer in Northampton is making showpieces for an upcoming convention, an artist in Haverhill is creating new product lines from his ancient art form, and an author is ready to start on his latest fantasy novel in Boylston.

While none of these people know each other and their personal and works paths likely never will cross, they do have one thing in common. They are all part of a sector I love to be a part of, the Massachusetts creative industries – a growing sector full of energy, creativity and ideas....

Not sure of the resources available to your business?

The Commonwealth has existing resources to help your creative business thrive. We can help you grow your business through programs and services, including financing, site selection, export promotion, help for entrepreneurs, and tax incentives and more.

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Find a job in the creative industries!

Learn more about a list of local and national web sites which list jobs in the Creative Economy.

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 State Launches Creative Economy Network

The Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development is now accepting applications for organizations to be a part of the newly established Creative Economy Network. The network is a regional effort to that will accelerate the economic growth of the Commonwealth’s creative industries across the state.  The Network will help implement the Commonwealth’s Action Agenda to support and grow the state’s creative economy industries:

    1. Business Development: Generate new opportunities for the businesses, organizations, and individuals working in the creative industries. Improve access to technical assistance, expertise, mentorship, and training for companies within the creative industries by bringing coherence and integration of the available state, regional, and local resources.
    2. Access to Capital: Increase access to direct financial support for creative industry organizations and businesses. Help coordinate trainings and mitigate barriers to access.
    3. Visibility: Bring awareness and attention to the value and quality of the creative industries in Massachusetts. Develop opportunities to connect, feature, and highlight the creative industries through events, campaigns, and content generation in traditional and social media.
    4. Talent: Develop connections to interns and college students within the creative industries. Generate initiatives for the creative industries to access and attract entry level, middle, and upper level talent.
    5. Space: Survey the existing and developing convening, incubator, and working space resources available for the creative industries. Seek additional opportunities to support the development of additional space and recruit businesses to use the spaces.

Interested in being part of the Creative Economy Network? Click here to learn more.

 Looking for support in your region? 

Click here to see the entities that have been designated as part of the Creative Economy Network.

CreativeNEXT Listening Tour

The creative industries are an important part of the Massachusetts economy, with over 100,000 Massachusetts workers. During the summer of 2012 we met with 580 creative economy companies in a statewide CreativeNEXT Listening Tour. Click here to learn more about the findings from the CreativeNEXT Statewide Listening tour!

The Massachusetts Creative Economy Council is developing a statewide strategy for the enhancement, encouragement, and growth of the creative economy in Massachusetts. 

Click here to find out more about the Creative Economy Council!

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