Marketing    Advertising and marketing agencies and professionals
ArchitectureArchitecture firms and architects
Visual Arts + CraftMuseums, galleries, curators, artists, artisans, and makers
Design  Product, interior, graphic, and fashion design firms and designers
Film + Media     Film, animation, TV, and radio businesses, organizations, and talent
Digital Games    Companies, programmers, and individuals producing games
Music + Entertainment  Venues, theatres, producers, and musicians and performers
Publishing     Print or electronic businesses and content creator, editors, and writers

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Finding Jobs in the Creative Economy

The following is a list of local and national web sites which list jobs in the Creative Economy.

Film, TV, and Digital Media Jobs

Design and Architecture Jobs

Local Sites:

National Sites:

Videogame Jobs

Advertising and Digital Advertising Jobs


Cultural Nonprofit, Artist, and Artisan Jobs and Opportunities



General Job Searches


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