4.1 Engage in on-going state regulatory review

For more information, please visit the regulatory reform website or contact the Tim Wilkerson.

4.1.1 Building on recent legislative reforms, establish and implement a consistent and transparent process, which includes business and public participation and comment, for all Commonwealth regulatory agencies to identify the small business impacts of new regulations

CY2012 Progress:

  • Established consistent and transparent implementation plan which includes both business and public participation.
  • 100% of administration agencies complying with small business impact statements for new regulations.

4.1.2 Appoint a senior member of the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development to serve as an internal regulatory “ombudsman” and work in partnership with the State Permit Ombudsman to address regulatory matters of interest to the business and development community

CY2013 Progress

  • Tim Wilkerson appointed as State Regulatory Ombudsman

CY2012 Progress:

  • State Regulatory Ombudsman appointed and working with State Permit Ombudsman, business groups and regulatory agencies.
  • Created ongoing marketing and communication plan for state regulatory reform progress.

4.1.3 Establish an advisory group representing business interests to advise and inform the state decision-making process on regulation

CY2012 Progress:

  • Established the Business Advisory Group
  • Prioritized regulations for investigations
  • Conducting on going round table discussion to inform state

4.1.4 Building on recent legislative reforms, identify (with public and business participation) existing regulations within all Commonwealth regulatory agencies whose small business impacts could be reduced by limiting or eliminating the regulations, or by replacing them with model regulations widely accepted in other jurisdictions

CY2012 Progress:

  • 446 regulations reviewed; 286 reforms identified
  • Targeted 13% of regulation for repeal or improvement – at 14%
  • Agencies are currently in third round of review

4.1.5 Provide periodic training to Commonwealth regulatory personnel on how to identify the small business impacts of regulation and how to reduce those impacts

CY2012 Progress:

  • Conducted 3 training sessions

4.1.6 Ensure that when regulatory agencies issue “guidance”, the guidance should be explanatory and illustrative, and not a substitute for or addition to binding legal obligations, which should only be imposed through formal regulation

CY2012 Progress:

  • Issue reviewed and no significant progress made; unlikely this issue will move forward with meaningful impact.

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