• Secretary Bialecki speaks at Tech Day 2013

    The foundation of the Massachusetts economy is the innovative and entrepreneurial capability of its residents to transform existing technologies and industries and create new ones. The pillars of this innovation economy are the state’s universities and research institutions, the rich cluster of innovation-based companies, and the sophisticated angel, venture capital and financial services communities that help fund and mentor the pipeline of entrepreneurs. At the heart are the skilled and creative people who choose to make Massachusetts their home. They add to a legacy of sophisticated talent – from basic and applied sciences, software development and engineering, to precision manufacturing, design and marketing – found throughout Massachusetts.


    Our economic strategy is focused on the goal of creating a robust and supportive environment for Massachusetts companies, institutions and people to move ideas to the marketplace, and through that effort, to create jobs and economic prosperity. The Commonwealth can facilitate the cycle of innovation from idea formation, to seed capital, to company formation and commercialization.