• Massachusetts Foundation for Growth is a multi-year research project dedicated to crafting policy proposals that will increase housing production and economic growth.

Paycheck to Paycheck

  • Compare median home values and median rents with median household incomes, by various occupations, across various regions in the Commonwealth.  View paycheck to paycheck information for:  Boston , Cambridge , Springfield , Worcester

Housing and Transportation Affordability Index  

  • Map the combined housing and transportation affordability index for your community. 
    How much are your combined H&T costs?  View housing and transportation affordability in: Boston , Springfield , Worcester

Housing and Transportation Calculator

  • Look up your neighborhood characteristics, community patterns, housing and transportation cost and connectivity based on your address.

Walk Score

Bike Score

  • Map your community's bike score. View the bike score for: Boston


  • Look up transportation cost estimates, including the impact of changing gas prices, for your address and community. View transportation cost estimates for: Boston Toolkit

  • The website provides various tools for addressing community housing needs.

Priced Out - Urban Land Institute (ULI) Publication

  • Learn more about workforce families and individuals priced out of the Greater Boston housing market and the negative impacts that are a result.

The Boston Regional Challenge - ULI Publication

  • Learn more about the Boston Regional Challenge of housing and transportation costs for families and individuals living and working in the region.

Planning Ahead for Growth Online Mapping Tool

  • Use this interactive map to overlay state priorities, including, but not limited to Chapter 40R districts, Chapter 43D districts, Priority Development Areas and Priority Preservation Areas, with projects going on in your community and region.

Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development Online Mapping Tool

  • Use the Department of Housing and Urban Development's online mapping tool to overlay data on housing, economic development, transportation and demographics.  

Governors’ Institute on Community Design


Transit-Oriented Development Tool kits, Presentations and Educational Materials