November 13, 2012

Statewide Housing Production Goal of 10,000 multi-family housing units per year announced. With a long-term goal of 80,000 new multi-family housing units by 2020! 

Compact Neighborhoods announced, a new housing production policy tool available to communities. To learn more about Compact Neighborhoods, please click here.

August, 2012

"Housing that Works" web page launched, providing links, publications, direct links to policy tools and more that highlight the importance and need for housing that is accessible to middle and moderate families and individuals in the Commonwealth. 

July 25/26, 2012  

Efforts to focus on the issue of housing affordability in Massachusetts:

In December 2011, the Economic Development Plan was released. This plan, prepared by the 34 member Economic Development Council, identified that "Massachusetts' competitive advantage is its people - the highly-talented workforce that drives innovation and creates the capacity for company growth and skilled execution across occupations." To address the slow growth of Massachusetts and the high number of graduates leaving the state each year the Commonwealth must "address the long-standing challenge of the state's high cost of living." 

To address the long-standing challenge, the Economic Development Plan sets out an action to:

"Increase the production of rental apartment housing available in communities and regions of high market demand over the next five years, especially in or near locations with high levels of innovation and entrepreneurial activity, with the goal of significantly reducing the premium in rents between Massachusetts and the states with which we compete most directly for talent in our key industry clusters."

Below are a few tools for communities, stakeholders and state agencies to refer to when thinking about closing the affordability gap in Massachusetts.