Program Description

CATNHP is a state funded bond program available to municipalities, non-profit and for-profit sponsors to support rental housing production or rehabilitation.

CATNHP Program Guidelines - Amended June 2006

Eligible Applicants

Municipalities, non-profit and for-profit developers are eligible to apply for CATNHP funds.

Eligible Activities and Affordability Requirements

DHCD will offer assistance through an initial demonstration of CATNHP funding to housing projects, of 24 units or less, within neighborhood commercial areas and in proximity to public transit nodes. In accordance with the enabling statute, not less than 51% of the units assisted by the program must benefit persons earning not more than 80% of the area median income. In addition, for purposes of this demonstration initiative, DHCD will define "proximity to transit" to be consistent with the definition of an "Eligible Location" as defined in
the regulations for the Transit Oriented Development Infrastructure and Housing Support Program (TOD) at 701. CMR 6.03. (Please see the CATNHP Program Guidelines for the full definition.)

Funding Limits

The total amount of CATNHP funds requested per eligible project may not exceed $750,000 or $50,000 per unit. Each sponsor of a project eligible for CATNHP funds may submit only one request for funding. No more than one application for a project located in any one community will be accepted in a CATNHP funding round. It is the Department's expectation that acquisition costs, construction costs, "soft" costs, and developers' fees will be reasonable, as defined by and within the standards set forth for other DHCD housing programs.

Funds for assisting commercial area transit node housing projects are limited. Sponsors are strongly encouraged to schedule meetings with DHCD staff to determine whether their projects are in fact eligible for consideration through this demonstration program.

Loan Terms

CATNHP assistance will be provided in the form of a 30-year deferred payment loan at 0% interest.

Selection Criteria

  • Project location
  • Evidence of local support
  • Evidence of site control
  • Evidence of zoning
  • Identification of proposed financing and project feasibility
  • Commitment to affordability
  • Consistency with principals of sustainable development
  • Good standing with DHCD
  • Please see the CATNHP Program Guidelines for additional project requirements.

How to Apply
The application process will consist of the following steps:

  1. Sponsor meeting with DHCD staff to determine initial eligibility to apply
  2. Sponsor submission of CATNHP application in One-Stop format.
  3. DHCD site visit as part of review process
  4. DHCD decision on application at end of review process

One Stop Application

CATNHP guidelines pdf format of catnhpguidelines.pdf
file size 2MB

Rental Completion Report doc format of rentalcompletionreport.doc



For additional information please call the CATNHP staff at (617) 573-1300.