Program Description

A number of Local Housing Authorities (LHAs) individually, or in partnership with other local agencies, are working to develop new affordable housing units for both families and seniors or to accomplish various capital improvements using funds other than those supplied by DHCD. DHCD has an interest in the success of any enterprise undertaken by an LHA and can offer substantial professional assistance and expertise to the LHA. The Bureau of Housing Development and Construction (BHDC) has decades of substantial expertise in housing development and since the year 2000 has developed specialized expertise in the areas of Performance Contracting for energy-saving improvements and in small housing developments using modular construction. To the extent resources are available, DHCD will assign a team to assist an LHA throughout the process. DHCD's Division of Public Housing and Rental Assistance, which administers this program, has the responsibility for regulatory and administrative oversight of all state-aided public housing programs which address the needs of low income families, elderly and persons with disabilities.

How it works:

LHAs request technical assistance through their assigned Project Managers or Construction Advisors. If funding can be proven to be available for the project, a Project Manager, a Review Architect and a Construction Advisor will be assigned to assist the LHA in the Planning, Design and Construction of affordable units.

Who is eligible:

LHAs under the jurisdiction of DHCD are eligible for this assistance.

For further information:

LHAs should contact their DHCD Project Manager, Construction Advisor or Management Specialist at (617) 573-1100.