Division of Public Housing

Sarah Glassman, Associate Director

Tel.: 617-573-1215            Email:  Sarah.Glassman@state.ma.us

Cate Mingoya, Director of Policy and Program Development

Tel.: 617-573-1190            Email:  Cate.Mingoya@state.ma.us

Bureau of Housing Development & Construction

Amy Stitely, Bureau Director

Tel.: 617-573-1156             Email:  Amy.Stitely@state.ma.us

Roberta Strongin, Project Management Director

Tel.: 617-573-1189             Email:  Roberta.Strongin@state.ma.us

David McClave,  Assistant Director for Operations

Tel.: 617-573-1165             Email:  David.McClave@state.ma.us

Gay Eng, Capital Finance Manager

Tel.: 617-573-1194             Email:  Gay.Eng@state.ma.us

Richard Brouillard, Capital Planning Systems (CPS) Developer

Tel.: 617-573-1193             Email:  Richard.Brouillard@state.ma.us


Bureau of Housing Management

Laura Taylor, Bureau Director

Tel.: 617-573-1289             Email:  Laura.Taylor@state.ma.us

Christine DeVore, Assistant Director

Tel.: 617-573-1242             Email:  Christine.Devore@state.ma.us

Mirna DeRodriguez, Assistant Director

Tel.: 617-573-1225             Email:   Mirna.DeRodriguez@state.ma.us

Ayo Yakubu-Owolewa, Finance Manager

Tel.: 617-573-1233             Email:  Ayo.Yakubu-Owolewa@state.ma.us

Paul McPartland, Asset Management Coordinator

Tel.: 617-573-1219             Email:  Paul.McPartland@state.ma.us