In January 2012, Executive Order 539  was signed which established the Commission on Public Housing Sustainability and Reform.  The Commission was charged with the important task of creating a modern, sustainable public housing infrastructure that would be poised to invest resources efficiently; implement effective innovations; provide enhanced services to residents; and increase transparency and accountability of the state-aided public housing program.  Executive Order 539 afforded the Commission a 60 day period from its first meeting to conclude its work and issue a report of its recommendations.  The Commission concluded its work and issued its report pdf format of Public Housing Commission Report, June 2012
in June 2012.

In its report, the Commission recommended that DHCD establish a Public Housing Advisory Committee (“the Advisory Committee.”)  The Advisory Committee, open to Commission members and expanded with additional participants representing public housing stakeholders and other housing experts, working through continued policy discussions, further definition and implementation of the Commission’s recommendations was established in the summer of 2012.  Details on the range of topics before the Advisory Committee can be found in the Commission's report for details on the range of topics.  

The Advisory Committee continues to work with DHCD and public housing stakeholders on reforms now provided for in Chapter 235 of the Acts of 2014.  On August 6, 2014, H.4374, “An Act Relative to Local Housing Authorities” was signed into law.  That law is effective November 3, 2014.  It significantly increases the transparency among local housing authorities (LHAs), provides DHCD with the tools necessary to monitor LHA operations and hold them accountable, increases efficiencies and economies of scale for delivery of services to tenants, increases staffing and assistance in the field and incentivizes LHAs to creative innovative practices to improve the lives of residents.

Information summarizing the legislatively required reforms, timelines for implementation of those reforms, and updates of progress made towards implementation of the provisions of c. 235 is provided below.

Present and Future Demand for Extremely Low-Income Elderly Housing and Elder Services



The Act 

Chapter 235 of the Acts of 2014  


Activity Post Enactment of c. 235 of the Acts of 2014

Committee Meeting Materials

September 22, 2014

Meeting Agenda pdf format of meetingagend09-22-14.pdf

Information Provided to Committee Members

Activity Preceding Enactment of c. 235 of the Acts of 2014

Committee Meeting Materials 

February 12, 2013

Meeting Agenda and Committee Member Information pdf format of meetingagendaandmemeberinfo.pdf

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