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Local Housing Authorities (LHA) can now find here in one place all of the information needed to implement smaller capital projects independently. This Guide and Forms replaces the voluntary pilot program called “Accelerated Emergency Response Projects” (AERP) that was used by LHAs to manage small projects on their own.

Small Projects Guide pdf format of dhcdsmallprojectsguide.pdf
file size 1MB (revision 12/2016)


This DHCD Small Projects Guide should be used for all construction projects with less than $50,000 in construction costs, whether funded with capital, operating, or grant funds. The Guide includes step-by-step instructions which you can follow to make sure your project is done efficiently, cost-effectively and according to the applicable statutes, rules and regulations.

The Guide includes helpful checklists, reference documents, forms and sample documents, so that an LHA can:

  • Take the project description from the level of detail typical in a capital plan and turn it into a doable project
  • Decide whether to use professional design services, to what extent and how to engage a professional to work with you
  • Prepare design documents, compile a bid package, bid and award a contract for the project
  • Oversee the construction phase from Notice to Proceed (NTP) to closeout update the Capital Planning System to reflect the capital improvements thus installed and centrally record vital operation, repair, parts and warranty information
  • Certify to DHCD that you have implemented the project in accordance with law and regulation, and
  • Maintain a project record.


Local Housing Authorities submitted their first-ever Capital Improvement Plans (CIPs) in FY 2012 to spend an allocation of bond funds known as “Formula Funding”. Taken altogether, the CIPs include hundreds of capital projects each year of the three year planning period. This is a four-to-five-fold increase in the number of capital projects previously implemented annually.

Such a dramatic increase requires LHAs to assume a larger role in managing their smaller projects. In recent years, more than 100 LHAs have managed successful Accelerated Emergency Response Projects (AERP) and Water Conservation/Low Flow Toilet Retrofit projects on their own.

DHCD project managers, engineers, architects and construction advisors will still be available to answer questions from LHAs and assist when issues arise that are not addressed in this guide. However, their daily assistance to LHAs will be focused on the hundreds of larger capital projects (over $50,000 and especially over $100,000 in construction cost).


For assistance using these documents or any other aspect of this process, call your DHCD Project Manager.

Design Documents

Checklist of Tasks and Services pdf format of checklistoftasksandservice.pdf

Under $50k Scope Of Service for Hiring Design Consultants  docx format of Under $50k Scope Of Service for Hiring Design Consultan

In-House Spec/Technical Services Request Form  docx format of In-House Spec/Technical Services Request Form

Budget Form xls format of budgetform.xls

Schedule Form xls format of scheduleform.xls

Building Front End $0-$10,000

Building Front End Projects for Projects $10,000 - $50,000

Non Building Front End $0-$10,000

Non Building Front End For Projects $10,000 - $50,000

Sample Bid Package for Unit Price Roof Work pdf format of samplebidpackage-roof.pdf
file size 8MB

Index of Sample Technical Specifications pdf format of sampletechinicalspecificationtableofcontents.pdf

Construction Documents

Certification of Compliance with Bidding Laws and Capital Plan doc format of certificateof-compliance.doc

Small Projects Requisition Form  doc format of Small Projects Requisition Form

Invoice Form Construction Under $50,000 docx format of invoiceformforunder25Kconstruction.docx
(Fillable Word, updated 8/2016)

Invoice Form Force Account xlsx format of invoiceform.xlsx
(Fillable Excel)

Certificate of Final Completion doc format of certificateof-completion.doc


Hire a Design Consultant for Small Projects

The House Doctor Program typically is to support LHA projects of up to $500K in construction costs using the Work Order Process.  These architects and engineers are pre-qualified by the DHCD Designer Selection Committee (DSC).  They have experience with Massachusetts state aided public housing projects. These consultants are a viable approach for work on small LHA projects but typically have a substantial work load associated with larger capital projects.

DHCD House Doctor list pdf format of dhcdhousedoctorlist.pdf
(revision 4/2017)

NEW    House Doctor Lite Program is to support LHAs with their small capital improvement projects.  These architects and engineers have completed a 4 hour training to be responsive to the unique design, business and procurement needs of LHAs for the execution of smaller projects.  LHAs will need to conduct their own due diligence for these designers.

House Doctor Lite Program for Small Projects pdf format of housedoctorliteprogramforsmallproj.pdf
(update 8/2016)