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Complete Construction Handbook pdf format of handbook.pdf

C-1 Project Representative's Daily Report doc format of c1.doc
C-2 Project Representative's Daily Report (sample) pdf format of c2.pdf
C-3 Notice to Proceed (sample) doc format of c3.doc
C-4 Project Directory (sample) pdf format of projdrty.pdf
C-5 Progress Schedule (sample) pdf format of c5.pdf
C-6 Detailed Schedule of Values (2 samples) pdf format of c6.pdf
C-7 Summary Schedule of Values (sample) 2 pages pdf format of c7.pdf
C-8 Contractor's Weekly EEO Manpower Report Form doc format of c8.doc
C-9 Contractor's Quarterly Projected Workforce Table doc format of c9.doc
C-10 Contractor's Affidavit of Payments to Minority Business Enterprises doc format of c10.doc
C-11 Architect's Minutes of Meeting (sample) pdf format of c11.pdf
C-12 Detailed Application for Payment (sample) pdf format of c12.pdf
C-13 Change Request Log pdf format of c13.pdf
C-14 Submittal Log pdf format of c14.pdf
C-15 Authorization for Minor Change in the Work (sample) pdf format of c15.pdf
C-16 Change Request Letter (sample) pdf format of c16.pdf
C-17 Change Estimate (sample) pdf format of c17.pdf
C-18 Change Order Form doc format of c18.doc
C-19 Construction Change Directive Form doc format of c19.doc
C-20 Detailed Application for Payment for Change Orders (sample) pdf format of c20.pdf
C-21 Summary Application for Payment for Change Orders (sample) pdf format of c21.pdf
C-22 Summary Application for Payment (sample) 2 Pages pdf format of c22.pdf
C-23 Application for Payment Cover Sheet doc format of c23.doc
C-24 Application for Payment Continuation Sheet doc format of c24.doc
C-25 Transfer of Title for Stored Materials (sample) pdf format of c25.pdf
C-26 Construction Close-out Checklist pdf format of c26.pdf
C-27 Certificate of Substantial Completion doc format of c27.doc
C-28 Contractors Evaluation Form doc format of c28.doc
C-29 Certificate for Partial Release of Retainage doc format of c29.doc
C-30 Certificate of Final Completion doc format of c30.doc
AE-5 A/E Evaluation Form 2 Pages doc format of ae5.doc

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