The High Leverage Asset Preservation Program (HILAPP) provides grants to local housing authorities (LHAs) that are able to secure matching funds from local and/or other non-DHCD sources to support the modernization and redevelopment of state-aided public housing. HILAPP is a complement to the Formula Funding Program which was launched in 2010. Whereas Formula Funding predictably disburses capital bond funds across the entire state-aided public housing portfolio according to a needs-based formula, HILAPP grants funding awards via a competitive process.

The program is guided by the following core principles

  • Preserve as many units as possible
  • Prioritize developments with significant capital needs that cannot sufficiently be addressed with Formula Funding
  • Prioritize developments in communities with the highest need for extremely low income housing
  • Leverage as much capital as possible from sources other than DHCD

Between FY14 and FY18, DHCD intends to distribute $75M for HILAPP projects, which will in turn leverage millions of dollars from outside sources.  DHCD will accept project proposals on a rolling basis, funding permitting, in order to build and maintain a consistent pipeline of HILAPP projects.
See request for proposals, application form, frequently asked questions, and list of eligible developments below.

Additional HILAPP Program Documents

Rolling Request for Proposals pdf format of phn2016-07.pdf

Attachment A: Application Form pdf format of hilappatta.pdf

Attachment B: List of Currently Eligible State-Aided Public Housing Developments pdf format of hilappattb.pdf

Attachment C: Replies to Frequently Asked Questions pdf format of hilappattc.pdf


For additional program information, please contact Amy Stitely at (617) 573-1156.