Program Description

Established in 1995, the Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP) provides rental vouchers to disabled applicants who are not elderly and who have been determined eligible for Chapter 667 (elderly and disabled) housing. DHCD's Division of Public Housing and Rental Assistance, which administers this program, has the responsibility for regulatory and administrative oversight of all state public housing programs which address the needs of low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

How it works:

A tenant will pay either 25 or 30% of their net income to the landlord, depending on whether or not the utilities are included in the rent; and the state's local housing authority will pay the remainder.

Who is eligible:

Those applicants who are eligible under the Ch. 667 elderly and disabled program, but who are under the age of 60.

Application process:

Applicants can apply at any one of the 39 local housing agencies that have received an allocation of Alternative Housing Vouchers. If eligible, their names will be placed on a waiting list. Once their name reaches the top of the list, the applicants will be given a briefing on all aspects of the program. During the briefing, the applicant will receive an AHVP Voucher which allows 120 days to locate appropriate housing. The vouchers can be used throughout Massachusetts only.



New AHVP Admin Fee: ahvp14-01.pdf  pdf format of ahvp14-01.pdf

For further information:

Please contact the Bureau of State Rental Assistance for more information at (617) 573-1150.