Moving to Work Plans

Moving to Work Annual Plan Draft - FY17 docx format of 2017 MTW Annual Plan - Draft

Moving to Work Annual Plan - FY16 pdf format of MTW FY16 Annual Plan
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Moving to Work Annual Plan FY16 - Draft  pdf format of Moving to Work Annual Plan FY16 - Draft

FY 2015 Moving To Work program Annual Plan dotx format of S:\111\fy2015movingtoworkannualplan.dotx

HUD Approved FY 2015 MTW Draft Annual Plan pdf format of Moving to Work Draft 2015 Annual Plan
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HUD Approved FY 2014 MTW Annual Plan pdf format of fy2014mtw-annualplan.pdf

HUD Approved FY13 MTW Annual Plan pdf format of hudapprovedgy13mtw-plan.pdf
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HUD Approved FY 2012 MTW Annual Plan, June 14, 2011 pdf format of fy12mtwplan.pdf
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HUD Approved FY 2011 MTW Annual Plan, June 1, 2010 doc format of fy11mtwplan.doc


Moving to Work Reports

HUD Approved FY 2013 MTW Annual Report pdf format of fy2013mtwannualreport.pdf
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HUD Approved FY 2012 MTW Annual Report pdf format of fy2012mtwannualreport.pdf
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HUD Approved FY 2011 MTW Annual Report, December 15, 2011 pdf format of hudapprovedfy11mtw.pdf
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Moving to Work Public Notices

Moving to Work FY17 Plan - Public Hearing Announcement doc format of 2017 MTW Plan Public Hearing Notice

Moving to Work FY16 Plan Draft - Public Hearing Announcement  pdf format of MTW FY16 Plan Draft - Public Hearing Announc

Moving to Work Public Hearing Notice, March 24, 2014  pdf format of Moving to Work Public Hearing Notice, March 24, 2014

Public Hearing; Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) Draft Moving to Work (MTW) Program Annual Plan for 2014 pdf format of Public Hearing, HCVPs draft Moving to Work Program

Public Notice: FY13 Moving to Work Draft Annual Plan pdf format of Public Notice: FY13 Moving to Work Draft Annual Plan


Background of the Moving to Work Program

HUD's MTW website provides comprehensive information on the MTW program.

Moving to Work (MTW) is a demonstration program authorized by Congress in 1996 to design and test innovative, locally designed housing and self-sufficiency initiatives in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCVP) and federal public housing programs. The program permits participating agencies to waive certain statutes and HUD regulations in order to achieve the demonstration's statutory MTW objectives that:

  1. Reduce cost and achieve great cost effectiveness in Federal expenditures;
  2. Give incentives to families with children whose head of household are either working, seeking work, or are participating in job training, educational or other programs that assist in obtaining employment and becoming economically self-sufficient; and,
  3. Increase housing choices for low-income families.

DHCD has been a HCVP MTW participating public housing agency since 1999. Until 2008, the scope of DHCD's MTW program has been limited to a small 183 unit program in southern Worcester county and greater Boston. This initiative provides a financial assistance package of rent and stipends, coupled with case management support, to participating HCVP families receiving public assistance and making the transition to work. Its design rewards work, encourages self-sufficiency and promotes housing choice for very low income families. The Boston demonstration targets families who are homeless.

In June 2008, DHCD entered into an Amended and Restated Moving to Work Agreement with HUD to replace its original 10-year MTW Agreement signed in 1999. At this time, DHCD received HUD permission to significantly expand its MTW authority to include its entire HCV portfolio (over 18,800 units), with certain exceptions. DHCD will continue to operate its current small-scale 183 unit MTW demonstration program, but at the beginning of its 2010 fiscal year (July 1, 2009), DHCD will take advantage of its extraordinary opportunity to test many different initiatives that target each of the three statutory objectives on a much larger scale. DHCD will fully engage its stakeholders in the process it will undertake to transition to full MTW operations. During the spring of 2009, DHCD will convene three separate task forces composed of a broad array of its stakeholders to help DHCD craft MTW initiatives that achieve the three statutory objectives of the demonstration program.

Every year each of DHCD's new MTW initiatives will be articulated in an Annual MTW Plan. Under the terms of its MTW Agreement with HUD, DHCD is required to prepare and submit to HUD an MTW Annual Plan 75 days before the beginning of its July 1st fiscal year and an Annual Report no later than 90 after the conclusion of each fiscal year (September 30th). By March 1st of each year, DHCD's draft Annual MTW Plan will be made available at this website. At the same time, DHCD will publish the date(s) of a public hearing(s) to receive oral and written comments on its draft Annual Plan. DHCD will also publish each fiscal year Annual MTW Plan and MTW Report on this site when HUD approval is received.


For further information about DHCD's MTW program, please contact DHCD's Bureau of Rental Assistance at 617-573-1206.