For Immediate Release - December 12, 2013

Patrick Administration Announces Over $79 Million for 33 MassWorks Infrastructure Projects

Supporting economic development and housing growth across the Commonwealth

BOSTON – Thursday, December 12, 2013 – In continuation of the Patrick Administration’s efforts to stimulate job creation and support long-term economic growth, Housing and Economic Development Secretary Greg Bialecki today announced over $79 million for 33 MassWorks Infrastructure Program grants to support development throughout the Commonwealth. Through strategic investments in housing and economic development projects, the MassWorks Infrastructure Program has helped make communities across the Commonwealth great places to live, work, and play.

“The MassWorks program is a key tool in  our growth strategy of investing in education, innovation and infrastructure to create jobs and economic development,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “By partnering with municipalities, these MassWorks projects will strengthen communities for generations to come.”

“We remain committed to working with local communities to help identify opportunities to support growth and spur regional development,” said Secretary Bialecki. “I look forward to our ongoing partnerships with municipalities across the state and private industry leaders to explore additional ways to promote continued growth in every region of the Commonwealth.”

Through these grants, the Patrick Administration will partner with cities and towns making targeting investments in infrastructure such as roadways, streetscapes, water, and sewer to facilitate and support new and sustained housing and economic growth throughout Massachusetts.

The 2013 application round generated 108 applications for more than $263 million in infrastructure requests. The Patrick Administration approved the following 33 projects for funding:

Amesbury - Lower Millyard Water Street Improvement Project ($1,642,434)

Currently a designated Brownfields Support Team Site, Amesbury's Lower Millyard is the focus of a significant economic development and mill revitalization effort in the City's downtown. The MassWorks award will allow the realignment and addition of streetscape improvements to Water Street providing for increased pedestrian and traffic safety. The City has voted to invest $5.9M in the relocation of the DPW yard, $1.5M for the construction of Heritage Park and Merrimack Valley RTA has invested $7M in its Transportation Center. The City estimates 289 housing units may be created in the Lower Millyard area. The Lower Millyard is identified as a Priority Development Area in the Merrimack Valley Regional Plan.

Ashland– Mixed-Use TOD Infrastructure Project ($6,000,000)

The Ashland TOD Mixed Use District has been permitted for the construction of over 900 housing units, 141,000 square feet of commercial development, 90 acres of open space, and 5 miles of walking & bike trails. The MassWorks award will support the creation of water, sewer and roadway connections throughout the site as well as the creation of walking and biking trails connecting the development to downtown and the Ashland Commuter Rail Station. MassWorks funds are anticipated to be drawn down concurrently with phase I of the private development in the TOD Mixed Use District which will include 500 new housing units.  The Ashland TOD District is designated as a Priority Development Area in the 495/MetroWest Development Compact Plan.

Attleboro- Riverfront Road TOD Project ($3,960,000)

Located in Attleboro's Downtown, the MassWorks award will support the construction of Riverfront Drive, a roadway which provides a critical connection to the Attleboro Intermodal Center. The Attleboro ITC was constructed by GATRA and the MBTA and recently celebrated its completion. In addition, the City estimates approximately 250 new housing units and 20,000 square feet of new commercial space can be created on the sites made accessible along Riverfront Drive. As a result of the roadway construction, construction of Renaissance Station, a 7 story building consisting of 80 housing units and 6,000 square feet of retail is expected to begin. The City was designated a Brownfields Support Team in 2010 and the site is designated as a Priority Development Area in the South Coast Rail Economic Development and Land Use Corridor Plan.

Berlin- River Road West Project ($1,528,585)

The Town of Berlin identified the River Road West Area in a 1998 Master Plan as a prime location for mixed use development while seeking the preservation of critical open space known as "the flats". The Town has since pre-permitted the land along River Road West for a 26 acre village style development with the preservation of 86 acres. The MassWorks award will support critical roadway and pedestrian improvements along River Road West which will enable Phase 3 of the development, known as Riverbridge, to commence. This phase of the construction will consist of 205 housing units and a 77,000 square foot hotel. The location of the Riverbridge development is identified as a Priority Development Area in the 495/MetroWest Development Compact Plan.

Beverly- Brimbal Avenue Interchange Phase I Improvement Project ($5,000,000)

The MassWorks award supports the construction of the first phase of the Brimbal Avenue Interchange Project, which will include widening a section of Brimbal Avenue and building a connector road between Brimbal Avenue and Sohier Road. The public infrastructure project will immediately unlock $20 million in private development between the two roads. The project is strongly supported by the North Shore Alliance for Economic Development and is included in the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s 2011 North Shore Regional Strategic Plan.

Brockton- Enterprise Block Redevelopment Project ($11,066,361)

Located in the Brockton Growth District, the Enterprise Redevelopment Project in the heart of downtown Brockton will provide for the complete redevelopment of a complete city block. The project consists of the remediation and redevelopment of the Enterprise Building providing 55,000 square feet of new commercial space and the construction of 113 new housing units consisting of 71 apartments and 42 artist live/work units. The project will also create a surface parking lot to serve both the housing and commercial space as well as improvements to the Korean-Vietnam Memorial Park located adjacent to the development. The project is located in the City's TOD overlay district and is within walking distance to the Brockton commuter rail station.

Chelsea– Gateway Center Infrastructure Improvement Project - Phase III ($3,000,000)

Located in Chelsea's Everett Avenue Urban Renewal District, the MassWorks funding will support Phase III of the area's infrastructure improvement plan including the replacement of water main, sewer separation and roadway and sidewalk repairs. These upgrades further the long-term redevelopment efforts in the Urban Renewal District as well as support the construction a new 152-room hotel, the 250,000 square foot Emerald Corporate Center and will support the construction of second phase of the One North housing project which will include 230 market-rate rental units. This project is supported by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s MetroFuture Plan.

Conway- Conway Downtown Parking and Safety Improvements Project ($997,521)

The MassWorks award will improve infrastructure related to public safety, create handicap accessibility to the public park area and correct Town field drainage issues in Conway’s Downtown. The shovel ready project will complement $870,000 contributed by the Town for related Downtown projects.  The project is consistent with the Goals & Objectives for the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development for Franklin County which supports the revitalization of mixed use districts in existing town centers.

Deerfield- River Road Roadway Reconstruction Project ($952,463)

The MassWorks award will provide a permanent solution to repairs along River Road, which for the past 15 years has experienced pavement failure and cracking. Infrastructure improvements will include the removal of the debris and reconstructing the existing drainage systems.  MassWorks funds will leverage $100,000 contributed by the Town to make additional repairs to River Road and extend the project pavement limits.  This project is supported regionally by the City of Greenfield and Town of Sunderland.

Easthampton- Pleasant Street Infrastructure Improvement Project - Phase II ($1,500,000)

The MassWorks award will continue the infrastructure work funded by a 2012 MassWorks grant to redevelop the Pleasant Street Mills into a vibrant, mixed-use community. Specifically the grant will construct of 404 new public parking spaces on the southern side of the mills. The City will also seek to enhance the project area through the planting of 124 native trees and shrubs, new trails and lighting as funding allows. The project is consistent with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission's 2011 Valley Vision update.

Easton- Queset Commons Infrastructure Improvement Project ($1,000,000)

Queset Commons is a planned, mixed-use district in the heart of Easton and approved as a 40R Smart Growth District. When complete, the development will include 280 residential units and 116,000 square feet of office and retail space. The first 98 units of housing and 22,000 square feet of commercial space are fully permitted by the Town.  The MassWorks award will provide for the construction of improvements at the Rt. 138 / Rt. 123 intersection providing for improved traffic flow and pedestrian safety at this critical intersection.  The Queset Commons 40R District is identified as a Priority Development Area in the South Coast Rail Economic Development and Land Use Corridor Plan.

Hadley - Shattuck Road Improvement Project ($61,815)

The MassWorks award will be used to pave an 800-foot section of Shattuck Road immediately south of the Hadley-Sunderland town border. The road paving will enhance public transportation safety of Shattuck Road by improving the road surface for all-weather travel, as well as providing for a viable detour route to allow closure of Route 47, a north-south corridor, during the replacement of the Dwyer’s Bridge culvert. The MassWorks award complements $60,400 contributed by the Town to extend water service along the roadway.  The project is supported by the Town of Sunderland.

Hardwick – Patrill Hollow Road Culvert Replacement Project ($415,000)

The MassWorks award will replace the existing 15 foot span culvert across Muddy Brook along Patrill Hollow Road. The road is the most direct link for emergency response between the east and west sides of Hardwick.

Haverhill– Merrimack Street Renaissance Extension Initiative ($5,000,000)

The Merrimack Street Renaissance Project is a major redevelopment initiative designed to revitalize several blighted and underutilized parcels along the Merrimack River. The MassWorks award will assist the redevelopment project by improving accessibility to the Merrimack River through the construction of a new boardwalk, parking and the creation of new public spaces. Private development on the site will include a mixed-use development with office, retail and housing. The grant compliments a previous $4M award to the City of Haverhill to support this project and aims to extend the momentum of economic development and employment opportunities generated from the designated Growth District eastward towards the Merrimack Street corridor. The area was identified as a State Priority Development Area in the Merrimack Valley Regional Plan.

Lawrence- Lawrence Higher Education Campus Infrastructure Improvement Project ($894,696)

The MassWorks funded infrastructure will provide the important nexus from the new Northern Essex Community College Allied Health and Technology Center opening in January 2014 to the City’s primary downtown street, Essex Street, and support economic development surrounding the growing urban campus in downtown Lawrence. The infrastructure improvements will include the renovation the Essex Street Connection and additional alley ways which provide critical linkages throughout the downtown and are used on a regular basis by NECC students and faculty. This area of Downtown Lawrence is identified as a Priority Development Area in the Merrimack Valley Regional Plan.

Malden- Downtown Revitalization and Transit Reconnection Project ($3,000,000)

The MassWorks award will support the City's downtown redevelopment initiative by funding the demolition of Malden’s City Hall. This major redevelopment project will reestablish of Pleasant Street as the main gateway to the City’s downtown and provide increased access to the Orange Line MBTA station. The City recently accepted responses to an RFP from prospective developers seeking to assist the City with their goal of redeveloping this area transit oriented area into approximately 500 new housing units, new retail, office and hotel space. The project is consistent with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s MetroFuture Plan.

Marlborough- Southwest Quadrant Complete Streets Initiative ($1,650,000)

The MassWorks award will support roadway, pedestrian and bicycle improvements along Simarano Drive in Marlborough's Southwest Quadrant and is matched by approximately $1.3M in City funding. This area, once home to Fidelity and HP, is experiencing a comeback with the decision of TJX and Quest Diagnostics to locate offices in the area. In addition to attracting large office users, the City has proactively taken steps to rezone this area to allow for mixed-use, multi-family development with the goal of providing the City with long term, sustainable growth.  The infrastructure improvements will support the creation of 350 new housing units, a 125 room hotel and 50,000 square feet of retail and dining space in the near term. The Simarano Drive area is designated as a Priority Development Area in the 495/MetroWest Compact Study.

Mashpee - Market Street Extension ($901,250)

Mashpee Commons is a certified Growth Center for the Town of Mashpee, designed and built using Smart Growth principals. The MassWorks award will extend Market Street from its current terminus in Mashpee Commons, southward to Job's Fishing Road allowing for the development of residential and mixed-use buildings along either side. Part of a permitted 382 unit 40B development, the first phase will include 53 units and approximately 12,000 square feet of retail. This project is consistent with Cape Cod Commission's Regional Planning efforts.

Melrose- Highlands Infrastructure Improvement Project ($960,000)

The Highlands Infrastructure Improvement project will support infrastructure improvements to create connections between the Melrose Highlands commuter rail station, the surrounding neighborhood and Melrose’s Main Street/Downtown area. The project supports the City’s work with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council on the Tremont/Essex Street Commuter Rail Corridor Study.  Recommendations from the study are expected to result in zoning changes to create a TOD overlay district to encourage mixed-use, mixed-income development around the City’s Commuter Rail stations. The project is consistent with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s MetroFuture Plan.

Mount Washington - BashBish Falls Road Project ($1,000,000)

The MassWorks award will make repairs necessary to stabilize BashBish Falls Road making it safe and serviceable. Mount Washington, in spite of its small population, is a considerable resource for the Commonwealth and is a popular tourist destination and important to the economic vitality of the region.  Without substantial repairs, the Road will be unsafe for all travel shortly and leave the Town with only one access point from New York State.

North Brookfield- Sucker Brook Bridge Repair Project ($500,000)

The MassWorks award will repair and replace critical infrastructure on the Sucker Brook Bridge on Murphy Road, which has been closed since August 2013 due to safety concerns. In addition to impacting the local residents and farmers, the closure has rerouted public safety vehicles, increasing response time to emergency calls. The project is consistent with the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Council’s Rural-11 Prioritization Project.

Oakham - Roadway Drainage Improvement and Resurfacing Project ($900,000)

The MassWorks award will assist the Town of Oakham with roadway improvements which the Town has not been able to fund on its own. The grant will be used for drainage improvements, guardrail replacement and roadway resurfacing. The Town seeks to make improvements to improve roadway safety and to bring additional development to the community.

Pittsfield- Streetscape Improvement project - Phase III ($2,000,000)

The MassWorks award will support the construction of a portion of Phase III of the City of Pittsfield’s Downtown Streetscape Master Plan.  The Plan is a multi-million dollar infrastructure improvement project which began in 2005 has been a catalyst for redevelopment in the City’s downtown. The MassWorks award complements $13 million in local, state and federal dollars spent in the area. The project is consistent with the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission’s The Regional Plan of the Berkshires.

Revere - Broadway CBD Revitalization Project ($1,500,000)

The MassWorks award will support the transformation of Revere's downtown core with concentrated and well-planned infrastructure improvements along Broadway to support small business, help create jobs, and facilitate the development of new housing units with ready access to public transportation, services, and urban amenities. The award will fund the demolition of a former police station allowing for 50 new parking spaces adjacent to City Hall and will be used to match the City's current investments in streetscape improvements including new sidewalks, lighting and crosswalks.

Salem- Grove Street Roadway Improvement Project ($1,275,000)

The North River Canal Corridor (NRCC) has been identified by the City as a Priority Development Area as part of MAPC's Regional Strategic Framework in an effort to revitalize a former industrial area in the City of Salem. The City adopted mixed-use zoning in the area and seeks to improve traffic, pedestrian and bicycle circulation in the neighborhood by improving several key intersections, adding bike lanes and improvement streetscape along the Grove Street corridor.  The project is consistent with MAPC's MetroFuture Plan.

Savoy- Black Brook Road Drainage Improvements and Road Reconstruction Project ($997,112)

The MassWorks award will be used to complement $1,695,027 in FEMA funding used to repair the roadway and drainage damaged caused by Tropical Storm Irene during the fall of 2011.  Black Brook Road has remained closed since the storm as a result of unsafe roadway conditions and failure of the slopes. The project is expected to be completed during the 2014 construction season. The project is supported by the town of Florida.

Taunton– Myles Standish Industrial Park Phase IV and V Infrastructure Project ($2,000,000)

The City of Taunton seeks to expand the redevelopment efforts at the Myles Standish Industrial Park (MSIP) by constructing additional roadway, utilities and a pump house to provide access to an additional 5 new lots and 48.8 acres of development. The City will seek to leverage the MassWorks award with a $2M Federal Economic Development Agency Grant to assist with further roadway improvements which will increase connectivity in the MSIP.  This award will also support the future development of the Life Science Training and Education Center to be located in the Myles Standish Business Park. The MSIP is designated as a Priority Development Area in the South Coast Rail Economic Development and Land Use Corridor Plan.

Tolland – Route 57 Improvement Project ($990,000)

The MassWorks award will assist the Town of Tolland in repairing 2.4 miles of Route 57 westwards from Burt Hill Road to the Sandisfield line. This section of highway is so badly deteriorated that it is impossible to plow a smooth surface for safe vehicle travel. The funds will also be used to repair drainage in along Route 57 in the center of town and repave the roadway. The project is supported by a $30,000 contribution by the Town. The project is supported by the Towns of Granville and Sandisfield.

Wales - Union Road-Roadway and Drainage Improvements Project ($881,923)

This area of Wales serves to provide a means for residents in the area to access the major interstates and supports a denser housing area within Woodland Heights and a future residential multi-family housing at the end of Walker Road. The Town has committed $33,000 to the complete the design and engineering for this project. This project is consistent with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission's 2011 Valley Vision update.

Warwick- Winchester Rd. (Rt.78) Paving Project ($495,000)

The Winchester Road Paving project is a roadway safety improvement project which will improve drainage along the roadway and eliminate ice from forming. Winchester Rd., also known as Rt. 78, is the major North/South traveled route between Orange, MA and Winchester, N.H. The town estimates at approximately 1,000 cars use the road each day. The project has been on the Town’s list of infrastructure projects to complete for many years but the Town has encountered other projects which have required them to spend their Chapter 90 funding elsewhere. The Town will pledge an additional $50,000 towards to project to ensure that it can cover any cost overruns.

West Stockbridge - West Stockbridge Downtown Improvement Project ($1,000,000)

The MassWorks award will be used to enhance pedestrian and vehicular safety, serviceability and appearance in West Stockbridge’s Downtown. The shovel ready project includes infrastructure improvements to the intersections and sidewalks of Main Street, Center Street and Depot Streets. The Town has contributed $140,000 for the design and additional infrastructure work. The project is consistent with the Town's Master Plan, the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission’s The Regional Plan of the Berkshires and will complement the rehabilitation of the Old Town Hall, a major downtown project now underway.

Westwood - Canton Street at University Avenue Infrastructure Improvements ($5,500,000)

The Canton Street at University Avenue Infrastructure Improvement Project includes intersection reconstruction to accommodate additional approach lanes and traffic control to improve traffic operations and safety. The MassWorks award will support redevelopment of 130 acres into a mixed-use project known as University Station.  The University Station Project, located adjacent to I-95 and within walking distance of the Route 128/University Park MBTA Station, will include up to 750,000 square feet of retail/commercial space, 325,000 square feet of office/research space, a 160 room hotel, a 100 unit assisted care facility and up to 650 new mixed-income housing units.

Worcester- City Square Improvement Project - Phase II ($11,000,000)

The MassWorks award will support the next phase of development within Worcester's City Square District. To help facilitate the next phase of private development which will consist of a 150 room hotel and a mixed used residential development with 350 market-rate units and 15,000 square feet of retail, the MassWorks grant will help support the demolition of an existing building on the site (building E), the site will be remediated and construction on a 550 space parking garage will begin. Construction of the underground parking garage will also be supported by a City contribution made through the District Improvement Financing (DIF) program. City Square is part of the Worcester Growth District and is a Priority Development Area in the 495/MetroWest Development Compact Plan.

Administered by the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development (HED), the MassWorks Infrastructure Program provides a one-stop shop for municipalities seeking funding to support housing, economic development and job creation with a particular emphasis on assisting communities to advance multi-family housing development in the 2013 round. Each year, the Program allocates 10 percent of funds to assist municipalities with populations of 7,000 or less complete roadway safety improvement projects.

HED prioritizes projects in Gateway Cities and town centers where communities have planned ahead for new mixed-use, multi-family housing and commercial growth. Over 80 percent of this year’s funding will go to support mixed-use developments projects and will help advance the creation of an estimated 2,500 housing units. 

The first competitive MassWorks grant round was held in September 2011 and HED awarded $63.5 million in grants to 42 communities throughout Massachusetts.  In 2012, under the second round of grants, the Administration approved 26 projects worth nearly $38 million.

For more information on the MassWorks Infrastructure Program, please visit: or follow the Program on Twitter @MassWorks.