The Inspector General filed the following four legislative proposals.

An Act Relative to the Office of the Inspector General

House 9

This proposal would amend Chapter 12A to allow the Inspector General to make referrals and issue a witness summons without the approval of the Inspector General Council.  The current process does not align well with the confidentiality needed for the work that the Inspector General performs.  

An Act Relative to Fraud

House 10

This proposal would make it a crime to defraud the state or any of its political subdivisions.  Currently, no such general fraud statute exists.

An Act Relative to Chapter 30B

House 11

This proposal would increase a fine and make technical corrections to Chapter 30B, the Uniform Procurement Law.  The technical changes update Chapter 30B to include correct references based on recently enacted amendments to other statutes.  There is also an amendment to correct the language of a section of Chapter 30B that was inadvertently changed in a previous legislative session.

An Act Relative to Operating Agencies

House 12

This proposal would permit housing authorities and redevelopment authorities to require that certain employees participate in the Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Official program conducted by the Office of the Inspector General.  In light of recent events regarding housing authorities it is vital that purchasing officials understand the public procurement laws.