The Inspector General filed the following seven legislative proposals.

An Act Relative to Fraud

House 9

This proposal would make it a crime to defraud the state or any of its political subdivisions.  Currently, no such general fraud statute exists.

An Act Relative to Chapter 30B

House 10

This proposal would increase a fine and make technical corrections to Chapter 30B, the Uniform Procurement Act.  The technical changes update Chapter 30B to include correct references based on recently enacted amendments to other statutes.  The proposal also strikes a section of Chapter 30B that is duplicative.

An Act Relative to Disabled Persons' Parking Placards

House 11

This proposal would increase the fines for misusing a disabled person’s placard and would also add language requiring the return of disabled persons’ placards. The proposal would also make it a crime to display a deceased person’s placard or to make counterfeit placards with the intent to distribute them.

An Act Relative to Tax Returns

House 12

This proposal would allow the Office of the Inspector General to have access to Department of Revenue records to carry out its mandate of preventing and detecting fraud, waste and abuse. Such records would be confidential pursuant to Chapter 12A.

An Act Allowing for the Appointment of Designees to the Inspector General Council

This proposal also was filed in the 2013-2014 legislative session and was enacted as Chapter 419 of the Acts of 2014 after the Office's deadline for filing legislation.  The Act allows the members of the Inspector General Council who are public officials to appoint designees to attend meetings on their behalf. 

An Act Relative to Higher Education Boards of Trustees

House 14

This proposal would require every member of a board of trustees for an institution of higher education in Massachusetts to participate in training from the Department of Higher Education.

An Act Relative to the MassDOT Internal Special Audit Unit

House 15

This proposal would update the statute for the Internal Special Audit Unit at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to ensure the unit has the tools to carry out its statutory mission.