The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) regulations create the framework to assure that school building grants will be equitable for all districts and will be consistently applied to ensure both short-term and long-term financial viability.

As part of its regulations, the MSBA requires that the eligible applicant who will be in charge of procurement for a project be designated as an MCPPO for Design and Construction Contracting (963 C.M.R. 2.03(2)(o)). For information on how to be designated, please see MCPPO Designation .

In addition, the regulations require that the project director for the owner's project manager (963 C.M.R. 2.11(12)) and the individual directly assigned to the project by the design firm (963 C.M.R. 2.12(6)) be certified in the Office of the Inspector General's MCPPO Program.

In conjunction with the MSBA, the office has developed a curriculum to fulfill these requirements and to specifically address many of the issues that might arise in connection with a school construction project funded with assistance from the MSBA.

The Certification for School Project Designers & Owner's Project Managers course is offered several times during the year. The certification course is available only to the private sector.


To register for the training, download the MCPPO Registration Form  pdf format of MCPPO Registration Form
and submit it to our office with the above dates noted. For more information please e-mail Joyce McEntee Emmett, Director, MCPPO Program, at