View Section I for General Information about bid requirements and the specific bid submission requirements.

General Information
The General Information section should give bidders general information about the invitation for bids (IFB) process:

  • Where and when (time and date) bids must be delivered
  • Maximum time for bid acceptance
Example: The contract will be awarded within thirty (30) days after the bid opening. The time for award may be extended for up to 45 additional days by mutual agreement between the Town and the apparent lowest responsive and responsible bidder (or, for a contract requiring payment to the Town, the apparent highest responsive and responsible bidder.)
[Note: If this provision is used in a request for proposals (RFP), the decision to extend is made by mutual agreement between the awarding authority and the responsive and responsible offeror offering the most advantageous proposal as determined by the chief procurement officer.]
  • How addenda, if necessary, will be issued
Example: If any changes are made to this IFB, an addendum will be issued. Addenda will be mailed or faxed to all bidders on record as having picked up the IFB.
[Note: If this provision is used in an IFB or RFP, you should make sure you obtain a contact name, address, and fax number from anyone who picks up your specifications.]
  • Information on how questions from prospective bidders will be handled
Example: Questions concerning this invitation for bids must be submitted in writing to: Jane Smith, 123 Main St., Anywhere, MA before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 17, 200_. Questions may be delivered, mailed, or faxed. Written responses will be mailed or faxed to all bidders on record as having picked up the IFB.
  • Information on how bidders can modify or withdraw their bids, and how mistakes and minor informalities will be handled

Example: A bidder may correct, modify, or withdraw a bid by written notice received by the City prior to the time and date set for the bid opening. Bid modifications must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly labeled "Modification No.__." Each modification must be numbered in sequence, and must reference theoriginal IFB.

After the bid opening, a bidder may not change any provision of the bid in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the City or fair competition. Minor informalities will be waived or the bidder will be allowed to correct them. If a mistake and the intended bid are clearly evident on the face of the bid document, the mistake will be corrected to reflect the intended correct bid, and the bidder will be notified in writing; the bidder may not withdraw the bid. A bidder may withdraw a bid if a mistake is clearly evident on the face of the bid document, but the intended correct bid is not similarly evident.

  • Time and place for pre-bid conference, if any
  • Notice regarding your jurisdiction's right to cancel or reject bids
Example: The District may cancel this IFB, or reject in whole or in part any and all bids, if the District determines that cancellation or rejection serves the best interests of the District.
  • Notice that bid prices must remain firm for a specified number of days after the bid opening
Example: All bid prices submitted in response to this IFB must remain firm for forty-five (45) days following the bid opening.
  • Notice concerning unexpected closures
Example: If, at the time of the scheduled bid opening, City Hall is closed due to uncontrolled events such as fire, snow, ice, wind, or building evacuation, the bid opening will be postponed until 2:00 p.m. on the next normal business day. Bids will be accepted until that date and time.

Bid Submission Requirements
The Bid Submission Requirements section should also tell bidders all bid submission requirements, such as:

  • Number of copies of the bid required
  • How bid envelope should be marked
  • Notice that bid must include a non-collusion form, tax compliance certificate, bid pricing sheet, and reference form
  • Requirement that bid be signed by authorized individual(s)
Example: A bid must be signed as follows: 1) if the bidder is an individual, by her/him personally; 2) if the bidder is a partnership, by the name of the partnership, followed by the signature of each general partner; and 3) if the bidder is a corporation, by the authorized officer, whose signature must be attested to by the Clerk/Secretary of the corporation and the corporate seal affixed.
  • Bonding requirements (performance or payment bonds), if any
  • Bid deposit, if any