M.G.L. c. 30B of the Massachusetts General Laws, the Uniform Procurement Act, establishes uniform procedures for local governments to use when contracting for supplies, services, and real property. 

The Office of the Inspector General has a statutory mandate to enforce compliance with M.G.L. c. 30B. We focus much of our compliance effort on preventing problems through training and technical assistance to public officials. Our manual on M.G.L.c.30B, The Chapter 30B Manual: Legal Requirements, Recommended Practices, and Sources of Advice for Procuring Supplies, Services, and Real Property pdf format of The Chapter 30B Manual
file size 2MB , provides an overview of M.G.L. c. 30B, a step-by-step explanation of its procedures, and reflects that focus.

The purpose of the IFB and RFP Guide is to provide further assistance by offering practical help with writing and organizing good, clear invitations for bids (IFB's) and requests for proposals (RFP's) for supplies and services contracts. The preparation of a good IFB or RFP is both the most important and the most difficult step in the procurement process. Effort spent at the outset to develop an organized, well-developed IFB/RFP will maximize your chances of obtaining quality supplies or services at the lowest cost and minimize the possibility of a bid protest.

The Guide provides general tips for creating an IFB, a model IFB, and instructions on how to modify the IFB model to create an RFP. This model is not the only way to organize an IFB/RFP, but is provided as one suggested format.

You can download an electronic copy of the Guide or view an online version of each section of the Guide.

In all versions, useful sample language has been included wherever possible.