CDM Smith, Inc., a Boston-based engineering firm, will pay $5.5 million to settle allegations that it failed to properly oversee construction of Plum Island’s water and sewer systems. The settlement, negotiated by Attorney General Maura Healey, includes $5.3 million to be placed in a City of Newburyport trust fund to help pay for the repair, modification, and optimization of Plum Island’s water and sewer systems. 

An initial investigation by the Office of the Inspector General following a 2011 water main break revealed that ductile iron pipes at the site of the break had not been wrapped in polyethylene and were severely corroded. CDM wrote the technical specifications for the project, including a requirement that ductile iron pipe be wrapped in polyethylene to inhibit corrosion. CDM also acted as the on-site agent to ensure that the contractors responsible for building the project followed CDM’s specifications.

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For additional information on the settlement, see the Attorney General’s press release at Boston-Based Engineering Firm to Pay $5.5 Million Over Claims It Failed to Properly Oversee Construction of Plum Island’s Water and Sewer System .