A Suffolk County grand jury indicted a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) procurement official on March 30, alleging that he engaged in several illegal schemes with vendors to defraud the MBTA and enrich himself. The grand jury also indicted a private contractor for the MBTA for allegedly participating in procurement fraud schemes with the MBTA employee.

Timothy Dockery, 50, of Plymouth, a buyer for the MBTA, was charged with procurement fraud, larceny, and receiving illegal gratuities worth more than $90,000. The grand jury also indicted William (“Matthew”) Sheridan, 34, of Plymouth, charging him with procurement fraud.

Specifically, the indictments allege that:

  • Dockery engaged in a larceny scheme with an MBTA vendor, who submitted false invoices totaling about $38,000 to the MBTA, and the pair split the proceeds.
  • Dockery received illegal gratuities from three MBTA vendors, including: over $60,000 in cash gratuities; luxury box and high-end tickets to professional sporting events and concerts worth over $23,000; and about $8,000 worth of free meals and custom-printed items for Special Occasion Limousine and Coach, Inc., a company owned by Dockery and his wife.
  • Dockery and Sheridan falsified quotes on several MBTA procurements, creating the illusion that there had been competition on four MBTA contracts awarded to Sheridan.

“This case started with a call to the OIG’s fraud hotline,” said Massachusetts Inspector General Glenn A. Cunha. “Our joint investigation with the Attorney General's Office found evidence that for many years Timothy Dockery used his relationships with MBTA vendors to steal from taxpayers and line his own pockets. These indictments send a message that using a public position for personal gain is unacceptable.”

The OIG’s investigation began in November 2014. Beginning in June 2016, the OIG worked jointly with the Attorney General’s Office, resulting in the March 30 indictments.

Dockery and Sheridan are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

For more information, please contact Jack Meyers at (617) 722-8822 or at John.Meyers@state.ma.us.

For additional information about the charges against Dockery and Sheridan, see the Attorney General’s Office’s press release at: MBTA Employee Indicted in Connection With Illegal Gratuities and Procurement Fraud Schemes