Finding 1. The final design for the Pollard School called for a more expensive, complex, and disruptive project than that envisioned by the town's feasibility study.

Finding 2. The Pollard School project lacked a single manager to serve as the focal point of responsibility and accountability for the town of Needham.


Finding 3. Although the School Department awarded the design contract to The Office of Michael Rosenfeld (OMR) for a fixed fee of $300,000, the cost of OMR's contract ultimately doubled.

Finding 4. The School Department appears to have forwarded OMR's invoices to the Comptroller for payment without verifying the accuracy of the amounts billed.

Finding 5. The School Department violated municipal procurement law by paying OMR $32,140 for furniture that should have been procured through an advertised competition.

Finding 6. The School Department's $35,050 purchase of shelving for the media center violated the state's construction bid law.

Finding 7. The town of Needham overpaid the Pollard School construction contractor, P.J. Stella, by more than $400,000 during the first quarter of 1994.

Finding 8. OMR did not issue a final certificate for payment to P.J. Stella.


Finding 9. OMR did not adequately monitor and control the project construction schedule.

Finding 10. The flawed and incomplete schedule for procuring and installing windows contributed to project delays and disruption of school operations.

Finding 11. OMR and the Building Committee approved 13 construction change orders authorizing open-ended schedule extensions by P.J. Stella.


Finding 12. The clerk of the works function was undermined by lack of supervision, personnel turnover, and poor record-keeping.

Finding 13. The construction administration services provided by OMR were deficient.