Over the course of the Pollard School project, the Pollard Building Committee approved a total of 24 construction change orders totalling $692,742. The two change orders discussed below were among the largest executed on the project. The manner in which they were developed, approved, priced, and monitored clearly illustrates the inadequacy of the fiscal control, schedule control, and contractor oversight furnished by the School Department and OMR.


Finding 14. The decision to exclude the computer network from the original project design was wasteful and inefficient.

Finding 15. The computer network installed by change order did not include the intercom system called for in the specifications prepared by the network design consultant.

Finding 16. Administrative markups and expenses accounted for 20 percent of the $165,570 computer network change order.

Finding 17. The computer network change order delayed the project schedule.

Finding 18. Improper installation of the computer network delayed completion of the work until February 1995.


Finding 19. OMR was paid an additional $8,000 to expand and relocate the kitchen during the design phase.

Finding 20. The name-brand kitchen equipment specified in the bid documents did not comply with legal requirements.

Finding 21. The Building Committee's decision to revise the kitchen design during the construction phase led to significant project cost increases and schedule delays.

Finding 22. The kitchen redesign change order deleted 24 items of kitchen equipment from P.J. Stella's contract but failed to itemize the additional equipment P.J. Stella was required to provide.

Finding 23. The Pollard School project appears to have been overcharged by more than $8,000 for the kitchen equipment delivered under the kitchen redesign change order.