The city of Quincy established regulations governing local boat moorings after an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General revealed that nearly 300 boat moorings located in Quincy-owned waters were not under the direct control of the Quincy harbormaster as required by state law.

Our investigation also discovered that private businesses controlled the vast majority of these moorings and were assigning them to boat owners at their discretion. In June 2004, the Inspector General recommended to the mayor of Quincy that the city should take control of all boat moorings in city waters and create a written procedure for the assignment of new and vacant moorings from a waiting list.

In September 2004, the Quincy harbormaster announced that he had created new regulations that would give him control over boat moorings in Quincy waters. He said the city also planned to create a permit fee for all moorings in Quincy-owned waters. City officials estimated that the new fees would generate $250,000 to $300,000 to fund maritime improvements.