A review by the Inspector General led the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Operational Services Division (OSD) and Department of Mental Retardation (DMR) to recover a combined $213,548 from the Judge Rotenberg Education Center Inc. (JRC), a not-for-profit that provides treatment services for children and adults who are mentally challenged and have severe behavioral disorders.

The Inspector General informed DMR and OSD by letter of March 1, 2007 pdf format of Review Overcharges by the Judge Rotenberg, March 2007
that an investigation conducted by the Division of Professional Licensure found that JRC had used unlicensed psychologists to provide services under its contracts with the Commonwealth and local school districts. The Inspector General found that JRC had billed the Commonwealth for licensed clinicians. As a result, the Inspector General suggested that DMR initiate cost recovery action against JRC for potential overcharges as well as possible failure to meet contractual requirements. OSD and DMR have protected the taxpayers interests by ensuring that this contractor met its contractual obligations and charge for services appropriately.

By separate action in 2006, JRC paid $43,000 to the Division of Professional Licensure under a consent agreement.